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CD Mini Summit Wrap Up

By September 19, 2022July 24th, 2023Blog, Staff
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Open Source Summit Europe 2022 took place in Dublin last week, September 13–16. The conference participants witnessed many important announcements such as the Linux Foundation welcoming the PyTorch, the launch of the Linux Foundation Europe, and the announcement of the Linux Foundation’s intent to form OpenWallet Foundation.

The Continuous Delivery Foundation was there as well and hosted a half-day event, the Continuous Delivery Mini Summit, on September 12, bringing together community members, Continuous Delivery (CD) practitioners, open source developers, and individuals interested in CD. The Mini Summit had 6 sessions and the software supply chain was the main topic of various talks. The event garnered a lot of interest with more than 140 people registering and the room was nearly full during the entire event.

The day started with a presentation from Alan Harney and Brian Neary of Fidelity Investments on Fidelity’s Golden Pathways, presenting what the organization does to reduce the cognitive load on developers and increase their productivity with the help of the best practices and platform approach. Christoffer Vig from CoWork took the stage next and presented the latest developments within the CDF Project, Jenkins X, with the focus being on providing rapid feedback. CDF Outreach Committee chair, Lori Lorusso of JFrog, presented the challenges and opportunities with securing the software supply chain and highlighted Pyrsia project, which we will hear more about during the coming weeks.

The first session after the break was around a critical initiative the CDF community has been working on for the last couple of years, interoperability within CD. Jalander Ramagiri and Adam Kenihan from Ericsson Software Technology presented the CDEvents project and demonstrated how it could help achieve interoperability across various tools such as Tekton, Spinnaker, and Keptn. The last presentation was from Billy Lynch of Chainguard, presenting how keyless signing can be done on Tekton using Sigstore

The summit ended with a panel on CD and Software Supply Chain which is where the panelists Andrea Frittoli of IBM, Ger McMahon of Fidelity Investments, Georg Kunz of Ericsson, and Mark Chmarny of Google answered questions from the panel moderator Lori Lorusso of JFrog as well as the audience. 

The event program was crafted by the CDF Community members and we would like to thank them for making this event possible as well as the people who proposed talks.

  • Andrea Frittoli, IBM
  • Brad McCoy, Basiq
  • Kara de la Marck, CD Foundation
  • Lori Lorusso, JFrog
  • Mark Chmarny, Google
  • Oleg Nenashev, Dynatrace

The community members had lots of interesting conversations about the future of the CD throughout the week and we have lots of interesting initiatives that are currently being worked on within our community. If you would like to take part in the conversations and contribute to shaping the future of the CD, please join us

Our next event, Continuous Delivery Summit, will take place on October 25, 2022, co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022. If you plan to attend the conference, don’t forget to add CD Summit to your KubeCon + CloudNativeCon registration to come say hi to a room full of CDF community members and CD enthusiasts!


Download the PDFs for each presentation ⬇️

This was a last minute pop-up event, so the talks recordings are unavailable.

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