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Annual Report 2023

It is our pleasure to share the Continuous Delivery Foundation 2023 Annual Report which aims to highlight the achievements of our community and our projects and summarize the key initiatives driven by the community.

The report captures some of the key steps our community took to make Continuous Delivery accessible and drive the future of software delivery.

🇯🇵 Read the Japanese version (PDF) of the CD Foundation Annual Report, translated by The Linux Foundation Japan. 日本語版はこちら


The eight active CDF open source projects have been hard at work. Here are their highlights for 2023:


  • CDEvents supported by Jenkins, Spinnaker, Testkube, Tekton. Argo, Flux, Harbor and Guac in progress
  • Go and Java SDKs enhanced, along with a PoC for the visualization of CDEvents. Python, Rust and .NET SDKs upcoming
  • In the spec: incident, test and artifact-signed events. A more powerful way to connect events with each other is being developed
  • Collaboration and communication around CDEvents have really taken off, such as in CNCF TAGs, OpenSSF,, VSMI, End-user blogs, KubeCon, Open-Source Summit
  • CDEvents project governance is being formalized


  • Jenkins Contributor Spotlight site is now live. Meet the people shaping the future of Jenkins as we showcase the top contributors.
  • User experience has improved with new themes, icons, menus, forms, and buttons.  Jenkins now supports: 
  • Plugin health score is now available on for each Jenkins plugin.  Plugin maintainers can use the score to guide their improvements. Plugin users can use the score to select plugins that are actively maintained
  • Jenkins infrastructure team has successfully reduced Jenkins infrastructure costs even while the worldwide Jenkins job count has increased.  They have recruited new infrastructure sponsors like DigitalOcean and Cloudflare and have found ways to more effectively use donations from long-time sponsors like the Continuous Delivery Foundation, CloudBees, JFrog, and Microsoft
  • New contributors have been welcomed to the project through community projects, including:

Jenkins X

  • Reducing GitHub calls via Lighthouse
  • Investigation Tekton git resolver contributions
  • Investigating external secret migrations
  • Increasing CI/CD speed (maintaining functionality but speeding up the boot jobs)
  • Azure updates (terraform versions and supporting multiple service principals)


  • 322+ Pull Requests merged in 2023
  • Usability Improvements
    • Build Artifact viewer can now display HTML pages that use query parameters for pages.
    • Added User Settings page for managing user preferences such as the job name width in the Pipeline build workflow graph.
    • Added Pipeline Metrics for Templates. This enables Template owners to track the usage of their templates.  
    • Multi-workspace support for Slack notification enables build pipelines to publish notifications to multiple Slack workspaces.
  • Builds
    • Build pods expose more metadata as Kubernetes labels for metric collection.
    • Added a feature to group Screwdriver k8s build clusters which enables SD admins to manage on-prem and cloud clusters efficiently.
    • Added Redis job-lock for builds to prevent duplicate scheduling of periodic jobs.
  • Internals: Node.js upgraded to v18 and Ember.js upgraded to v4.x


  • Actively engaged in the cdCon 2023, fostering collaboration and showcasing our latest state with the community.
  • Participated in Hacktoberfest 2023, contributing to the global open source community.
  • Successfully released beta API, signalizing a high level of project maturity



Hacktoberfest and GSoC

The CD Foundation’s projects participated in Hacktoberfest for the fourth year in a row and the Jenkins project was Google Summer of Code mentor organization once again in 2023 for their seventh year (and will be again next year).

Training and Certification

A new training and a new SkillCred are now available for Tekton thanks to the project’s community and Linux Foundation Training and Certification.


New Members

This year, the CD Foundation welcomed TestKube as a new members, for a total of 29 members.



The 2023 CDF Ambassador cohort was announced in April! Thank you to the community for its continued support in spreading the word about the CD Foundation and the overwhelming number of ambassador applications.


At cdCon this May, we hosted the third annual CDF Community Awards ceremony.

View the 2023 Winners.

Elections & Commitees

This year, the community re-elected some seats on our various CDF Committees. Each election had way more candidates than the number of available seats.

Cross-Community Collaboration

Our community asked for it and we delivered! Here are cross-community collaborations we were a part of this year:

Continuous Spotlight

At the end of the year, the CDF launched a new initiative to highlight its wonderful community members individually.

Events & Outreach


This year, we hosted the third annual cdCon in North America. We also hosted the second CD Mini Summit, co-located with Open Source Summit Europe, and will host our first cdCon Japan in Tokyo this December.

We also participated in external events like FOSDEM 2023 and ONE Summit Regional Day.

cdCon + GitOpsCon

May 8 – 9 | Vancouver, Canada
Watch the recordings

CD Mini Summit

September 18 | Bilbao, Spain
View Program ➡️ Register Now

cdCon Japan

December 4 | Tokyo, Japan
Call for Proposals closing Sept. 10

cdCon + GitOpsCon 2023
Continuous Delivery Mini Summit
cdCon Japan 2023 Snackable

Continuous Delivery Workshop Series

One of the CDF community initiatives is the Continuous Delivery Workshops. It’s run by the community, for the community. The first workshop, with Steve Taylor, aired live on June 22: Securing Your CI/CD Pipeline From Code to Deployment and has over 265 views on YouTube.

Securing CD Pipeline
State of CD Report 2023 Techstrong
Techstrong TV Testing Episode
Techstrong TV Ep 5 End Users

Techstrong TV

Since 2022, we’ve been collaborating with Techstrong to host The CD Pipeline – Continuously Delivering Software from A to Z which spotlights all aspects of Continuous Delivery as we interview community thought leaders about different technologies, open source, best practices, and future trends. Key topics include Continuous Delivery events, interoperability, software supply chain, and more.

Want to listen on the go? Check out the CD Pipeline Show Podcast on all popular podcasting platforms.

We’ve hosted five episodes so far this year:


State of Continuous Delivery Report

CDF User Stories

In February, we launched our CDF User Stories program. We’ve published three in total:

  • Fidelity Investments: Securing Fidelity Investments’ Software Supply Chain: A Platform Approach to Enhancing Continuous Delivery Security Practices
  • Ericsson: Developing Complete End-to-End CI/CD Pipelines at Ericsson
  • Autodesk: Streamlining Global Continuous Delivery: The Impact of Developer Relations Automation at Autodesk

Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed reflecting on all the great things we accomplished together in 2023. Your comments and feedback are welcome at

Next Year

See you in 2024

Don’t forget to submit your talk for cdCon 2024, taking place in Seattle, Washington on April 16–18, as part of Open Source Summit North America.