The CDF End-User Council

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End-user council keynote at CDCon

Implementing continuous delivery practices yield many benefits for organizations, including the ability to deliver features faster, pivot quickly in response to industry and world events and respond to fast feedback and build a deeper relationship with users. Cloud, open source, and continuous delivery have combined to form the basis of technology modernization, but spoiler alert: it’s not just about the technology. The platforms and tooling are maturing, but bringing about organizational change requires relationship-building and other under-utilized “soft skills”. 

The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) end-user council provides the opportunity for end-user organizations to have context-rich discussions on how various organisations pursue their modernization efforts in the most effective way. Topics covered include:

  • Improving developer productivity with automation 
  • Enhancing security in delivery pipelines
  • Technology modernization in highly regulated industries
  • Measuring success of efforts

Join Us

Join our end-user council to:

  • Learn from other organizations trial and error and technology choices
  • Share your transformation journey 
  • Bring your leadership team together to reflect on progress and celebrate successes

Discussions are chaired by John Mark Walker of Capital One. CDF End-User Council is open to leadership teams from CDF end-user members and guest organizations. Guests may request an invitation here or further information by reaching out to CDF Executive Director Tracy Miranda at

The next end-user council will be held on Thursday, November 12, 2020, at 11 am Eastern.