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Governing Board

The Continuous Delivery Foundation’s Governing Board (GB) is responsible for strategic direction, business oversight, and business decisions.

An overview of the Governing Board is set forth in the CDF Charter and further details can be found here:  CDF GB Onboarding & Meetings

Governing Board Members

Adam Kaplan

Red Hat

Software engineer and maintainer of the open source project Shipwright.

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Al Huizenga

Google Cloud

Al Huizenga is the Google Cloud Product Manager responsible for Tekton CD.

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Andrea Frittoli (TOC Chair)


Andrea is the co-founder of the CDEvents project and a member of the Tekton project governance team.

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Brad McCoy (Committer Representative)


Brad McCoy is a passionate CDF and CNCF Ambassador focusing on helping organizations accelerate innovation by adopting and contributing to open source.

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Gerard McMahon (General Member Representative)

Fidelity Investments

Gerard McMahon is a VP of Architecture in Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) at Fidelity Investments.

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Lori Lorusso (Outreach Committee Chair)


Community Manager at JFrog

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Mark Waite

CloudBees (Committer Representative)

Mark is a manager at CloudBees and has been an active Jenkins Contributor for many years.

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Ole Lensmar (General Member Representative)


CTO at Testkube as well as Kubeshop.

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Sacha Labourey


Sacha Labourey is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CloudBees.

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Stephen Chin (Board Chair)


Stephen Chin is Head of Developer Relations at JFrog

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