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State of DevOps Report 2023

State of DevOps Report 2023 Results: Platform Engineering

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We sponsored the State of DevOps Report by Puppet again this year. They’ve been researching DevOps and publishing this report for over 10 years! This time around, the focus of the report was around the rising trend of Platform Engineering. 

If you want to hear a panel discussing the results, listen to the podcast.

🎙️ Pulling the Strings: The Future of Platform Engineering


  • Ben Ford
  • Fatih Degirmenci
  • Kaspar von Grünberg
  • Nigel Kersten
  • Ronan Keenan

Report Highlights

LFX Individual Dashboard

Update your LFID for LFX!

By Blog, Staff

Dear CDF Community,

update your LFID (Linux Foundation Individual Dashboard) with your GitHub and help your organization see the value you’re bringing to the CDF Community and projects!

Individual Dashboard is your self-service hub for all of your open source activity. Build your personal community profile, manage credentials and contact details, display badges for completing certifications and other accomplishments, and enjoy a seamless login experience across the major systems used by the Linux Foundation projects. Most importantly, this allows you to control your data, share what you want to share, and keep private what you wish.

LFX Profile Quick Start Guide