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October 25, 2022 in Announcement, Blog, Staff

CD Foundation Welcomes New Software Supply Chain Security Project Pyrsia, Announces Tekton Graduation, and CDEvents Release

Open source projects under the vendor-neutral CD Foundation umbrella supporting larger strategic focus on extending continuous delivery security
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October 10, 2022 in Announcement, Blog

Spinnaker Summit Co-Located with KubeCon NA and CD Summit

Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer and Developer Advocate at Google, giving Opening Remarks; event will include hands-on workshops, keynotes, happy hours, and more
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June 7, 2022 in Announcement, Blog

CD Foundation Announces State of CD in 2022 Report, Opens Third Annual cdCon with New Project CDEvents, New Members

CD Foundation veteran Fatih Degirmenci joins as General Manager San Francisco, June 7, 2022 – The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the open source software foundation that seeks to improve the…
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May 17, 2022 in Announcement, Blog

CD Foundation Announces CDEvents, a vendor-neutral specification for defining the format of event data

Having a common format for events in the CD space will enable an ecosystem of tools to collect, store, visualize and analyze events across CD platforms.
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In The News

October 28, 2022 in In The News

OpenSourceForU: JFrog Grants Open Source Pyrsia To CD Foundation

A community initiative to provide a just and transparent governance model for the Pyrsia Decentralized Package Network brings together companies like Docker, DeployHub, Oracle, and others. Pyrsia, an open source…
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October 25, 2022 in In The News

SD Times: Continuous Delivery Foundation announces incubation of Pyrsia, graduation of Tekton

The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) is hosting its CD Summit at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. At the event, the CDF announced a number of major milestones across…
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October 25, 2022 in In The News

SD Times: KubeCon 2022: GitLab announces new Security and Governance updates, Slim.AI launches Container Intelligence, Sigstore announces free software signing service, and more

JFrog’s Pyrsia initiative incubating under CD Foundation The liquid software company JFrog has announced that Pyrsia, an open-source software community initiative that utilizes blockchain technology in order to secure software…
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October 25, 2022 in In The News

Business Wire: JFrog-Led Open Source “Pyrsia” Initiative to Secure the Software Supply Chain will be Contributed to the CD Foundation

JFrog Ltd. (“JFrog”) (NASDAQ: FROG), the Liquid Software company and creators of the JFrog DevOps Platform, today announced Pyrsia, an open source software community initiative that utilizes blockchain technology to secure software…
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November 23, 2022 in Blog, Community

Policy in Continuous Delivery

We recently introduced “Policy” as a new category to the CD Landscape. The first three projects listed within the category are Allero, Kyverno, and Open Policy Agent (OPA). 
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November 15, 2022 in Blog, Community

Paving the MLOps Roadmap

This third edition of the Roadmap --- the issues that brought it into existence remain a present and ever more pressing concern.
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November 10, 2022 in Blog, Project

Tekton Graduated! 🎓

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news: Tekton has graduated!
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November 8, 2022 in Blog, Staff

Update your LFID for LFX!

Dear CDF Community, update your LFID (Linux Foundation Individual Dashboard) with your GitHub and help your organization see the value you're bringing to the CDF Community and projects! Individual Dashboard…
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