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The Continuous Delivery Foundation gives awards to recognize all the work that makes this community and the progress of Continuous Delivery possible. View the Award Guidelines, Definitions, and previous winners here.

⚠️ Nominations are now closed.

2024 Award Categories

CDF Awards

  • Continuous Enthusiast ➡ Nominees
  • Top CDF Ambassador ➡ Nominees
  • Top CDF Contributor ➡ Nominees
  • Top Doc(umenter) ➡ Nominees
  • Top CDF End User (Nominated by the TOC and Outreach Committee)

Jenkins Awards

  • Most Valuable Jenkins Advocate ➡ Nominees
  • Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor ➡ Nominees
  • Jenkins Security MVP ➡ Nominees

Tekton Awards

Last year, Tekton Graduated, which means from now on, they also get three awards!

  • Most Valuable Tekton Advocate
  • Most Valuable Tekton Contributor
  • Tekton Security MVP

➡ Nominate someone for the Tekton Awards

Project Awards

Note: Each project can decide how to select their Most Valuable Contributor.

CDF Award Officers

Do you want to be an CDF Award Officer for 2024? Apply here by February 2.
[Thank you to Tracy Ragan and Ullrich Hafner who were the 2023 Award Officers.]

Nomination Process

The nomination process takes place on GitHub to make the process open. If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can send us the nomination by email ( and we will post it there on your behalf.

Voting Process

The CDF Award voting is done by members of the TOC, Ambassadors and Outreach Committee,who will receive an email with information on how to vote. If you’re a member of one of those groups and have not received an email by February 29, please email us at

Projects may conduct their voting process however they choose to.


  • Nominations open: Monday, January 22
  • Nominations close: Sunday, February 19 at 11:59 PST
  • Voting opens: Thursday, February 22
  • Voting closes: Friday, March 22 at 11:59 PST
  • Winners announced at cdCon: April 16–18, 2024

2023 Winners

Congratulations to this the 2023 CD Foundation Community Award Winners announced at cdCon + GitOpsCon 2023 in Vancouver, Canada. Watch the ceremony on YouTube.