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Community Ambassadors 2022

Welcome to the 2022 cohort of Community Ambassadors! What do Ambassadors do? Find out more here.

Thank you to our previous ambassadors, who have now graduated to becoming Community Builders!

 Garima Bajpai

Ambassador Chair

"I am excited to collaborate with fellow ambassadors and lead the community to bigger and greater heights. We’re building a community to steer collective wisdom and contribute to evolving continuous delivery practices, tools, and capabilities."

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Aksel Filipovic

ALADOR e.U. | Germany

Advising Management, Developers, Testers, Release Mgmt & DevOps teams to achieve Continuous Delivery their way using best practices, techniques and tooling in an interesting, joyful and accountable manner.

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Alejandro Montenegro

Google | Denmark

Has been building data intensive applications for two decades, when not writing code or optimizing pipelines he likes to spend the day with outdoors activities.

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Andreas Grabner

Dynatrace | Austria

Has a passion for DevOps and SRE and is helping users to automate performance and resiliency validation into continuous delivery.

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Batel Zohar

JFrog | Israel

I am always excited to meet new people.

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Brad McCoy

Play Travel | New Zealand

Head of Engineering, CNCF ambassador, passionate about open source and mentoring new contributors and helping organizations adopt open source to accelerate innovation.

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Chitrita Chakravarti

Slalom | USA

Senior Consultant for a Data & Analytics practice, working as a data strategist & architect and DataOps practitioner, modernizing data engineering solutions.

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Chris Short


Sr. Dev Advocate, AWS Kubernetes

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Christian Hernandez

Red Hat | USA

Kubernetes and GitOps Advocate working to containerize the world one application at a time working at Red Hat.

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David Dennis

Seamfix | Nigeria

DevOps and Cloud advocate with a degree in computer engineering.

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David Espejo

VMware | Colombia

Community builder at heart and platform engineer with a background on automation, K8s and cloud.

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Enric Forn Jorba

CaixabankTech | Spain

IT Architect accelerating software development while increasing quality in large organizations.

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Everest K.C.

LogPoint | Nepal

From the land of the Himalayas and named after the highest mountain in the world, Everest is a passionate DevOps Engineer and a dynamic Agile Evangelist with a knack for K8s and GitOps.

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Feynman Zhou

QingCloud | China

Community manager and InfoQ DevOps editor, focusing on advocacy and outreach, technology evangelism and community growth

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Giorgi Keratishvili


Man of DevOps

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Gokul Prabagaren

Capital One | USA

Developed distributed Cloud Native applications based on Spark, Cassandra and Mongo which are currently serving millions of customers everyday.

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Gurumoorthy Raghupathy

DoIT International | UK

Senior Engineering Leader / SRE practitioner with 22+ years of passion in delivering business applications & solutions.

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Guto Carvalho | Brazil

Cloud Native Engineer living in the center-west of Brazil. DevOps Enthusiast, GitOps Practitioner and a Cloud-Native Believer 🙂

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Hongchao Deng

Alibaba Cloud | USA

Co-chair of CNCF App Delivery TAG; Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud; Focus on DevOps, cloud native technologies, developer experience.

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Ix-chel Ruiz

JFrog | Switzerland

Has developed software applications and tools since 2000. She travels around the world (sometimes virtually) sharing knowledge—it’s one of her main drives in life.

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Janis Orlovs

CWISE | Latvia

Has been building large and small scale software delivery platforms and solutions for last 10 years.

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Jay Ashok Shah

Ernst & Young | USA

Jay is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Ernst & Young and also been an educational and research advisor and mentor.

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Jinghe Ma (Mike)

JiHu(GitLab) | China

DevOps technical & Open Source Evangelist at JiHu(GitLab), focusing on Cloud Native as well as DevSecOps.

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Kailashpathi C Gujari

Ericsson | India

18+ Years of experience in Cloud, Infrastructure Automation & DevOps/SRE.

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Kevin Collas-Arundell | Australia

Generic Linux Ops person with a dash of Kubernetes, Go and YAML.

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Luiz Bernardo

DB1 Global Software | Brazil

I'm lifelong learning, uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.

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Matheus Paes Pereira

PicPay | Brazil

Head of Technology at PicPay, agile practitioner, passionate transform complex problems into highly scalable solutions.

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Michel Schildmeijer

Qualogy | Netherlands

Michel has a broad but also deep experience in Information Technology, and is passionate about technology innovation, always exploring new grounds and areas.

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Moïse Kameni

Hydro-Québec | Canada

Passionate of cloud-native, application modernization and Cloud. I develop expertise in containerization and Kubernetes.

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Muktesh Mishra

Adobe | USA

A curious problem solver, explorer and in love with open source. Super passionate about Microservices, CICD, Observability, Developer productivity engineering and Distributed systems, also an alleged cynophile 🙂

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Najib Radzuan

Digi Telecommunications | Malaysia

Global DevOps Ambassador and is committed to help organizations struggling with DevOps transformation & adoption.

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Paweł Piwosz

EPAM Systems | Poland

DevOps Institute Ambassador. AWS Community Builder. Engineer, leader, mentor, speaker.

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Ricardo Castro

Anova | Portugal

Lead SRE, tech speaker, tech writer, @DevOpsPorto and @DevOpsDaysPT team, taekwondo amateur, and metal lover.

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Rob Jahn

Dynatrace | USA

DevOps solutions advocate based out of Boston, supporting technical alliances partners with industry leading DevOps ISVs and Cloud providers through open source projects, technical workshops, videos, meetups, webinars and blogs.

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Safeer C.M.

Flipkart | India

Technology generalist with experience in systems and network engineering, largescale infrastructure, site reliability, and DevOps.

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Saim Safdar

Wanclouds | Pakistan

Developer Advocate at Wanclouds Co-Founder Cloud-Native Islamabad community and Traefik Ambassador.

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Sandhya Rani Dodda

Cisco | USA

Technical Leader with expertise in DevOps, Agile Transformation, Change & Release Management and have a strong passion for Continuous Delivery, Process Improvement, Strategy & Leadership.

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Santanoo Bhattacharjee

Accenture | India

A voracious blogger, enthusiastic evolution debater & at last a Seasoned Transformation Architect practising DevSecOps, CloudOps, SRE implementations.

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Shaleen Swatantra

OpsMx | India

Marketing leader & dev advocate | almost 12 yrs in IT & software industry | DevOps enthusiast & community lead wanting to grow the CI/CD community | special interest in pipeline orchestration projects like Spinnaker & ArgoCD.

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Sriram R.J.

Capgemini | USA

Enterprise Architect helping clients accelerate their Digital transformation journey with expertise in DevOps, SRE and Cloud adoptions.

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Stan Alexandru | Romania

People learn by teaching others.

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Stephane Montri

Palo Alto Networks | France

Passionate about cloud-native technologies, I’m helping customers and partners leverage the best out of this ecosystem to enable them ship code faster and safer.

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Sven Ruppert

JFrog | Germany

The only one on Youtube that explains IT topics in the woods.

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Thomas Schuetz

Dynatrace | Austria

Has been designing, building, and operating IT-infrastructures for about two decades and is currently enthusiastic about infrastructure automation and cloud-native delivery mechanisms.

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Travis Howle

John Deere | USA

Passionate about automation at all levels with over 22 years of experience; works to streamline and automate machine learning at an enterprise level for everything data & analytics.

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