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Contribute to open source

We welcome anyone to get involved and contribute to our technical and development communities at any time. CDF communities are organized around open source projects and special interest areas. The CDF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) facilitates communication and collaboration among the different groups, so if you are not sure where to start, join the TOC mailing list.

CDF Special Interest Groups

Join the conversation around driving for better tool interoperability in the ecosystem.

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Join the community working towards standardizing events in continuous delivery systems.

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Join the community looking to make machine learning assets first-class citizens in the DevOps workflow.

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Help create a living,community-driven  knowledge source that captures and distributes the various best practices acquired over the years.

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Join this group to take a practice oriented approach to the Software Supply Chain.

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Open Source Projects

Our open source projects are used by millions of developers and practitioners globally. We always welcome new contributors! Here are some quick links for you to quickly get started and connected to our projects.

Continuous Delivery Landscape

Our projects on the Continuous Delivery Landscape (click on the project logos below to learn more about them).