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Project Services

In a world where GitHub use is ubiquitous, it is no longer sufficient for a software foundation to offer just a software repo, mailing list, and website. A set of enhanced services is required as it facilitates increased market education and adoption. The list below represents each of the services that the Continuous Delivery Foundation provides to any project. Host your project with the us because of the following:


  • A neutral home for your project increases the willingness of developers from other enterprise software companies, start-ups and independent developers to collaborate, contribute, and become committers
  • Endorsement by members of the CDF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is an independent signal of the quality of your project
  • Existing committers still control your project, and we just ask that you document a neutral governance process

Program Management

  • Leverage the expertise of our parent organization, The Linux Foundation, which hosts other successful projects and several umbrella foundations including CNCF, Hyperledger, LF AI, and EdgeX
  • Access to full-time CDF staff who are eager to assist your project in myriad ways and help make it successful
  • Service Desk to support ongoing requests from members, projects, and community developers

Event Management

  • Events are a part of CDF’s core strategy. We help your project build a community with face-to-face interaction and knowledge sharing
  • CDF hosts several CDF meetups per year in different geographies that encourage project involvement. CDF meetups are regional, one-day events hosted and organized by local CDF ecosystem members — including industry, service providers, academia, and start-ups. CDF also hosts the CD Summit co-located with the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit (NA, EU, Asia), focused on open source CI/CD technologies and thought leadership.
  • Travel funding available through the Linux Foundation for your non-corporate-backed developers and to increase  attendance of women and other underrepresented minorities:
  • CDF assists with sponsorship leads, media introductions, co-location opportunities and marketing of events
  • CDF provides a booth at major Linux Foundation events that our hosted projects use for demo purposes and to connect with their users. We also host various networking sessions at CDF events, promote projects and help connect users and developers

Marketing Services and Programs

CDF provides a full portfolio of marketing services to support community and ecosystem engagement. This includes:

  • Content ranging from the CDF blog, white papers, case studies, posters, presentations, and more
  • Oversee blog editorial calendars and writing, editing, and/or identifying and funding freelancers to develop content
  • Help develop the project website and other required creative work

Marketing Communications

  • Generate positive media and analyst coverage to create greater awareness of project milestones, community growth, and developer engagement
  • Promote project news and milestones through other channels: journalists, analysts, and news releases/blogs
  • Develop thought leadership reports, surveys, success stories, and case studies
  • Manage social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Legal Services

  • CLA system that integrates with GitHub (EasyCLA)
  • DCO system that integrates with GitHub
  • Access to CDF and LF staff should any legal questions arise
  • Hosting the trademarks of the projects

China Presence

We have a professional staff located in China that can help your project present at local meetups and events. We also will be hosting CI/CD focused evetns in China annually and offer a booth at major CI/CD events as recommended by our members in that geography. For more information, please contact us at