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Continuous Delivery Workshops

Continuous Delivery Workshops

The CDF Workshop Series unites contributors to projects within the CDF community. These quarterly workshops feature topics proposed by the community, for the community, and provide an opportunity for learning and collaboration. The goal of the CDF Workshop Series is to offer a forum for contributors to collect use cases, share best practices, and to advance various technical initiatives of CDF projects.

We see the CDF Workshop Series becoming a valuable resource for surfacing common challenges and solutions, and ultimately identifying areas of opportunity for SIGs to discuss and promote future contributions to the corresponding projects.

Propose a Workshop

Past Workshops

If You Build It, They Will Come: Enabling a Vibrant Open Source Community

In the dynamic technology landscape, open source contribution has become a critical enabler for innovation but it requires a complete shift in engineering culture. How do you drive that change in a large enterprise?

Speaker: Neil McGonigle, Fidelity Investments

Aired Live: April 30, 2024

Watch the Recording on YouTube

Securing Your CI/CD Pipeline From Code to Deployment

Securing your organization from cyber hacks is not just the job of production teams. It is time for development teams to play their part. Building security into your CD Pipelines is the first step. This workshop will help you get there.

Speaker: Steve Taylor, DeployHub (Presentation Slides)

Aired Live: June 22, 2023

Watch the Recording on YouTube

Meet the Chair

Saim Safdar

Saim Safdar

Saim started his professional tech journey in 2016 as a developer in the healthcare sector, quickly transitioning to a dynamic DevOps role in 2018. In 2019, he pivoted towards contributing to open-source technologies within the CNCF ecosystem. As the Head of Open Source at Rafay Systems, he leads a passionate team in crafting innovative solutions for the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Recognized for his contributions, Saim was honored as a Top Ambassador of 2023 by the Continuous Delivery Foundation and selected as a CNCF Ambassador in the same year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a CDF member to propose a workshop?

No, you do not need to be a CDF member to propose a workshop.

Who can participate?

Active users and/or contributors of CDF projects are welcome to submit workshop topics.

How do I propose a workshop and how much time will that take?

Submit your workshop proposal using our google form here. You will only need a title for your workshop, a brief description of the content you intend to present, and the goals and benefits of attending the workshop. You can expect to spend about 10 minutes to complete the form in total.

How are workshop topics selected?

The CDF workshop planning committee reviews all submissions, votes to determine which workshop topics have the strongest demand, and assigns a TOC member from the corresponding project for the speaker to collaborate with.

How long should I expect to hear if my submitted topic has been accepted?

Topics will be reviewed bimonthly by the CDF Workshop Committee. You can expect to hear back from us within a month.

Will the workshops be recorded?

Yes, the workshops will be hosted via Zoom and recorded and shared with attendees and on the CDF Workshop Series landing page here. 

What happens after the workshop is completed?

The TOC member assigned to the workshop will track and record action items with owners for all future work identified for SIGs and TOC members. Recordings and corresponding content from workshops will be shared with attendees and published on the CDF Workshop Series landing page here.