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Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is the team responsible for the technical vision, project oversight, and technical community decisions for the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). The vision of the CDF is to be the most trusted community that supports organizations in becoming high performing software delivery organizations while leveraging open source and open practices, and continuously improving their pursuit of software delivery excellence. More about the TOC.

TOC Representatives

Alan Dong

Yahoo Inc.

Alan is a Senior Software Engineer and has been working on Screwdriver for over six years.

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Andrea Frittoli (TOC Chair)


Andrea is the co-founder of the CDEvents project and a member of the Tekton project governance team.

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Dadisi Sanyika


Dadisi is an Interoperability advocate within Apple and has worked in CI/CD for the past 9 years and leads Apple Cloud Services Spinnaker development team.

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Mark Waite


Mark is a manager at CloudBees and has been an active Jenkins Contributor for many years.

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Melissa McKay


Melissa is passionate about Java, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery and has 20 plus years of development and DevOps experience.

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Neil McGonigle


Neil is leading the open source program within our Cloud and Platform Engineering group.

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Robert Reeves


Robert believes Continuous Delivery helps us build better software and also helps our users be better humans. CD allows us to better manage our responsibilities to our end users and create joyful experiences.

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Steve Taylor


Steve is seen as a visionary and industry leader in the area of software development, DevOps process improvement and software build and release automation.

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Tracy Ragan


Tracy is CEO at DeployHub, a CDF Board Member and Microservice Evangelist

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