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CDF Wrapped 2021

By December 20, 2021July 24th, 2023Blog, Staff

A lot has happened at the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) in 2021! Here are some quick highlights; we’ll dive into more of what we’ve done and in greater detail in our Annual Report coming in January.

New Project

We welcomed two new projects this year: Shipwright and CDEvents! View all projects.

Shipwright welcome graphic (container ship)

State of Continuous Delivery Report Series

We launched a new State of Continuous Delivery Report Series to provide vendor-neutral data on key DevOps and development metrics showing where continuous delivery stands in 2021 and beyond.

The first report was launched in June, State of Continuous Delivery Report, and the latest one, State of CD: 18 Months into the COVID-19 Pandemic, was released last week.

State of CD Report: June 2021
State of CD Report - 18 Months in to the COVID-19 Pandemic

CDF Landscape

This fall, Kara de la Marck worked with the community to revamp the CDF Landscape. They added too many new projects to count!

Visit the Landscape page to interact with it and to add your project.

Photo of the landscape with an arrow that says "add your project"

Staff Changes

Welcome Kara de la Marck graphic

This year, we welcomed Kara de la Marck and said goodbye to Jacqueline Salinas. We’ll miss you, Jacque!

Jacqueline Salinas

cdCon 2021

Graphic with the three event logos: GitOps Summit, Spinnaker Summit and cdCon

We tripled everything since 2020!

  • 3 events (cdCon + 2 co-locations: GitOps Summit and Spinnaker Summit)
  • 5,339 registrants from 124 countries/6 continents
  • 3,084 companies participated
  • 198 submitted talks and 104 accepted

View more stats or watch the talk recordings on YouTube.

cdCon 2022 will take place June 7-8, 2022 in Austin, TX + Virtual. Visit the cdCon website.

The Pipeline Podcast

The Pipeline Podcast is a big hit with the Continuous Delivery and DevOps Communities. Jacque started the program in 2020 and it’s grown incredibly fast in 2021.

cdf pipeline podcast graphic

Quick Stats

  • Total downloads (all time): 27,396
  • Total episodes published in 2021: 38
  • Total downloads grew: 335%
  • Total episodes published vs 2020: 13 more
  • Number of countries/territories that tune in: 120
  • Number of cities that tune in: 3000+

Top 6 Episodes of Season 2

  1. GitOps Summit Preview – Level Unlocked: GitOps to the Edge and Infrastructure Provisioning – Katie Gamanji
  2. 6 Best Practices for Continuous Delivery Pipelines – Diego Lemos de Resende & Derik Evangelista
  3. Testing in CI/CD Pipelines – Bertold Kolics
  4. GitOps: Yay or Nay? – Ricardo Castro
  5. State of DevOps Report 2021 & DORA – Nikhil Kaul & Dustin Smith
  6. 2021 Technology Trends and Predictions – Michael Winser

Graphic of the podcast downloads in total, 27, 396

We’re taking podcast ideas for Season 3, which will now be hosted by Kara de la Marck.


Here were our two most popular LinkedIn Posts.
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Image of the Oleg TOC Chair post on LinkedIn
Image of the Landscape post on LinkedIn


Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2021

  1. Data-Driven Benchmarks for High Performing Engineering Teams – Mike Stahnke
  2. cdCon: Where DevOps Meets Open Source [June 23-24, 2021]
  3. The Jenkins Templating Engine – CDF Online Meetup
  4. Welcome Ortelius! CDF’s Newest Project
  5. Measuring DevOps Success! CDF End User Leadership Forum #1
  6. GSoC CDF Meetup: Google Summer of Code Midterm Demos

New Members

We welcomed six new members this year!

New member logos: Aspen Mesh, AWS, Dynatrace, Oracle, Ozone, Testlio