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Launching CDF User Stories – First up: Fidelity Investments

By February 7, 2023Announcement, Blog, Staff

We are happy to announce the launch of the new series, CD Foundation User Stories, with the first being from Gerard McMahon, Head of ALM Tools and Platforms at Fidelity Investments. 

The CDF User Stories Program features real-world use cases from companies embracing the change brought by Continuous Delivery, increasing their ability to deliver software with security and speed. The goal for the stories is to show the impact of adopting Continuous Delivery as a software development practice along with enabling CD technologies, (such as the CDF projects) the steps taken by respective organizations, and the additional benefits these resulted in improving the developer experience and productivity.

We see the CDF User Stories becoming a valuable resource for organizations considering adopting Continuous Delivery and open source technologies and showcasing participating organizations as leaders in their field.

First End-User Story

Fidelity Investments CDF User Story Part 1

Fidelity Investments has been an active member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation for years. They even won the first-ever CDF End User Award in 2021.

Ger McMahon and the Fidelity Investments team are active in driving initiatives for end users, have been openly sharing their digital transformation efforts in the CDF community, driving important open conversations, and collaborating and contributing to various efforts.

  • Being a leader for end users
  • Participating in CDF best practices SIG
  • Giving cdCon talks (latest one by Jamie Plower)
  • Taking part in a podcast episode (Aoife Fitzmaurice and Jimmy McNamara)
  • Speaking on panels like the State of DevOps (Gerard McMahon)
  • Representing General Members on the Governing Board (Gerard McMahon)

“Fidelity Investments is a member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) because it helps advance the state-of-the-art in continuous delivery, which ultimately enables Fidelity to efficiently and effectively develop, deliver, and deploy software with confidence.

“CDF’s CDEvents project is central to enabling Fidelity’s Software Delivery platform.  As such, Fidelity plans to actively contribute to the project and the community growing the specification and best practices.”

Gerard McMahon, Fidelity Investments

Read the User Story

Securing Fidelity Investments’ Software Supply Chain: A Platform Approach to Enhancing Continuous Delivery Security Practices” is the first installment of a two-part series on the company’s CD journey.

Share your Story

We have a few stories in our pipeline, but if you’d like to contribute a user story, read the guidelines and send us a proposal!

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