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Continuous Delivery Foundation Announces 2021 CDF Community Awards Winners

By June 25, 2021Announcement, Blog

Awards announced at cdCon include Top CDF Ambassador, Top CDF Contributor, Top GitOps Evangelist, Top CDF End User Company, and Most Valuable Contributor for each CDF Project

SAN FRANCISCO, June 25, 2021 – The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the open-source software foundation that seeks to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed, today announced the winners of the first annual 2021 CDF Community Awards. The awards highlight progress and shine a spotlight on the work that makes this continuous delivery community possible. The awards were sponsored by OpsMx.

“The continuous delivery community supported by CDF is the breeding ground for the future of software delivery which empowers developers and teams and to produce high-quality software- a vision which OpsMx deeply imbibes and propagates through our products,” said Gopal Dommety, Founder & CEO of OpsMx Inc. “We are proud to sponsor the first-ever CDF Community Awards to shine a light & recognize just a few of the many amazing contributors to the fastest-growing projects for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). My heartiest congratulations to all the winners.”

This year’s awards are presented in the following categories: Top CDF Ambassador, Top CDF Contributor and Top CDF End User. To coincide with the first-ever GitOps Summit co-located with cdCon this year, the awards also included a Top GitOps Evangelist award. Additionally, each CDF open source project also presents an award to key contributors over the past year. 

“Wow, what a fantastic lineup of winners and runners up. We are so impressed with all of the participants this year. There’s excellent energy and expertise in the continuous delivery community, it’s just great to see. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated,” announced Tracy Miranda, Continuous Delivery Foundation Executive Director. “Communities are built on participation. The CDF Community Awards are meant to highlight all the effort and time that is required. It’s just one way of saying thank you!” 

CDF Community Awards

Top CDF Ambassador: This award is presented to a champion for continuous delivery adoption. This individual helps spread awareness of continuous delivery best practices and encourages others to get involved in the space. The award is presented to 

Garima Bajpai, Founder of Canada DevOps Community of Practice. Garima has been an outstanding CDF Ambassador, part of the cdCon program committee and part of the Ortelius project where she built a recognition program for Ortelius project contributors.

Top CDF Contributor. This award recognizes the individual who has made significant contributions towards the mission of the CD Foundation in a way that benefits the community neutrally as a whole.  

Dan Lorenc of Google, leads the CDF’s Technical Oversight Committee and helps drive the technical vision for the CDF. He’s also an active contributor and open source advocate in the software delivery and software security space. More specifically, he’s one of the Tekton community leaders. Dan drives many key initiatives including the upcoming SuppyChainSecuirtyCon, a conference focussed on open source supply chain security. 

Top GitOps Evangelist. A champion for GitOps adoption, this individual helps spread awareness of GitOps benefits and best practices and drives interest and excitement around this space. 

Kara de la Marck of CloudBees and co-chair of the CDF Interoperability Special Interest Group. Kara promotes best practices for secrets management in GitOps and Kubernetes, a key topic for those who want to adopt GitOps. She has also actively promoted GitOps practices in Jenkins X. Kara has spoken at a number of conferences in the past year including cdCon, GitOpsSummit, FOSDEM, KubeCon/CloudNativeCon, DeveloperWeek and the Open Source Strategy Forum.

Top CDF End User. This award recognizes an end user organization that has achieved significant improvements in its continuous delivery journey and has helped the community by sharing their experiences. 

Fidelity Investments receives this year’s award. Fidelity Investments are active in driving initiatives in the CDF End User Council, have been openly sharing their digital transformation efforts in the CDF community and driving important open conversations through the End User Leadership Forum. Congratulations to the entire Fidelity team!

CDF Project Awards

For each project, one Most Valuable Contributor was elected. As the only graduated CDF project, Jenkins will also receive awards for Security MVP and Most Valuable Advocate. 

  • For Jenkins X, the Most Valuable Contributor is Vincent Behar 
  • For Ortelius, the Most Valuable Contributor is Owen Bowers Adams
  • For Spinnaker, the Most Valuable Contributor is Nikema Prophet
  • For Screwdriver, the Most Valuable Contributor is Mitsuru Takigahira
  • For Tekton, the Most Valuable Contributor is Andrea Frittoli
  • For Jenkins, the Most Valuable Advocate is Oleg Nenashev
  • For Jenkins, the Security MVP is Daniel Beck
  • For Jenkins, the Most Valuable Jenkins Contributor is Tim Jacomb

Congratulations to all and thank you for your extensive contributions to CDF open source projects. 

The CDF award is a Klein bottle—a shape with no “inside” and “outside,” just one continuous surface—the perfect way to highlight the continuous mindset we embody here at the CD Foundation. 

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