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Autodesk’s Approach to Continuous Delivery

By November 29, 2023Blog, Community, Staff

The newest CD Foundation User Story is now available ➡ Streamlining Global Continuous Delivery: The Impact of Developer Relations Automation at Autodesk

Autodesk shares how they improved their time to delivery, platform reliability, and developer enablement.

Autodesk Continuous Delivery Case Study

“Several macro and micro industry trends influenced Autodesk’s decision to introduce Developer Relations within Autodesk. Today Developer Relations supports over 12,000 developers and 600,000 application builds per month by reducing the overhead in development workflows, the risk in delivering, and the operation overhead in supporting platform solutions.

“Our Autodesk DevRel Automation Platform is designed to explore innovative approaches for integrating open source knowledge with Continuous Delivery practices. By combining these two elements, we aim to enhance productivity and foster trust among developers. After onboarding the Autodesk DevRel Automation Platform, Autodesk experienced increased developer trust and improved productivity. This case study describes Autodesk’s approach to Continuous Delivery.”

Stella Kislyuk, Senior Manager, Global Platform Engineering Developer Ecosystem, Autodesk

Autodesk has been involved in the CD Foundation for many years now, including being on the Program Committee for the CD Mini Summit and giving talks at various conferences like the upcoming cdCon Japan.

Thank you to the user story authors:

  • Stella Kislyuk, Senior Manager, Global Platform Engineering Developer Ecosystem
  • Tiffany Jachja, Engineering Manager, Global Platform Support
  • Yuanmin Wei, Principal Engineer

What are CDF User Stories?

The CDF User Stories Program features real-world use cases from companies embracing the change brought by Continuous Delivery, increasing their ability to deliver software with security and speed. The goal for the stories is to show the impact of adopting Continuous Delivery as a software development practice along with enabling CD technologies, (such as the CDF projects) the steps taken by respective organizations, and the additional benefits these resulted in improving the developer experience and productivity.

It’s a valuable resource for organizations that want to adopt Continuous Delivery and open source technologies because it showcases organizational leaders in their field.

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