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Events are ubiquitous in CI/CD: webhooks triggered on a code change or image upload, notifications about a failed build or vulnerability discovered in a container image, input data for measuring DevOps performance and more.

In this conference we will look at how events are used in the software production ecosystem today, we’ll present some cool demos about CDEvents and will have an opportunity to integrate your use cases in the spec and add support for CDEvents in your project.

CDEventsCon is for all CDEvents users and contributors and anyone interested in interoperability and events in the CI/CD ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to join the CDEvents community and contribute to the shared specification as well as for integrating CDEvents in your own project.

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CD Trends: A Candid Conversation

Continuous Delivery Trends: A Candid Conversation


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Continuous Delivery trends: A candid conversation

A part of our Continuous Learning program

Join a cross-discipline group in an open conversation, moderated by Kelsey Hightower, answering your most asked questions. The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)’s mission is to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. As part of this mission, the CDF will bring a steady stream of learning opportunities to the community.

Speakers: Robert Wen, Salesforce; Stephen Atwell, Armory; Tracy Miranda, CD. Foundation; and John Esposito, DZone.

⚠️ Submit your questions to be discussed by the speakers by sending them to

The conversation will be influenced by recent reports in this space. If you want to check them out, here they are:

Dive into The State of CI/CD Trends report by DZone:

The marriage of Development and Operations has proven a game-changer for high-performing organizations. As a leading tactic in making this marriage work, organizations began to adopt the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) model. DZone surveyed 415 developers on the ways in which DevOps teams are building up and taking advantage of their engineering maturity to establish fully functioning CI/CD pipelines.

Explore the State of Continuous Delivery Report: 18 Months into the COVID-19 Pandemic from the CDF.

Some of the key insights from the report are:

  • DevOps practices are broadly adopted in all sectors of the software economy, not just in internet-centric applications.
  • DevOps is widespread in organizations of all sizes, with at least 80% of professional developers who work for companies of two or more employees being involved in the space.
  • There are also no signs that industry velocity is increasing. If anything, the proportion of top performers in terms of lead time for code changes dropped slightly, from 17% in Q3 2020 to 14% in Q3 2021.
  • Experience in software development plays a key role in increasing the effectiveness of the software delivery process, both in terms of speed and reliability