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Who Will Be the Next CDF Outreach Chair?

By May 30, 2024Blog, Staff
CDF Outreach Chair

Nominate Someone

Complete this form by June 6 to submit your nomination for the CD Foundation Outreach Committee Chair Election.


CDF Outreach Committee Chair Term: 2 years, with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.

Nomination/Election: Any CDF member company may nominate one candidate for the position of CDF Outreach Committee Chair.

Voting: Voting members of the Governing Board may vote for the CDF Outreach Committee Chair.

What does the chair do?

The Outreach Committee chairperson will be responsible for reporting progress back to the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee chairperson may attend meetings of the Governing Board, but, unless the Outreach Committee chairperson is a member of the Governing Board, the Outreach Committee chairperson will not attend as a voting member of the Governing Board.

Outreach committee chair will serve for a term of two years with a maximum of two terms. Selection will be made through nomination & election and any active member company may submit a candidate for consideration with a maximum of 1 candidate per member company. Election of the Outreach Committee Chair will be made by a vote of the Governing Board Voting Members.

Election Timeline

  • Nomination Period: May 30–June 6
  • Voting Period: June 6–13
  • Winner Announced: June 14
  • Term: June 14, 2024–June 13, 2026

Thank you to our Outgoing Chair, Lori Lorusso

Lori Lorusso was been the Outreach Chair for the past two years. The CD Foundation and its community are immensely grateful for all the energy, support, and leadership she has generously offered! Don’t worry though, Lori is still around and will keep representing us as a CDF Ambassador.

Lori said:

It has been my pleasure to serve as Outreach Chair for the CDF. I feel like I have been a part of a team working with Michelle and Roxanne on staff, Fatih, and with the Board.

I highly recommend taking your involvement with open source organizations like the CDF to the next level by running for a chair position. The access you have to leadership, the ability to help shape the organization, the amount of contacts you make in the community, the sheer amount of knowledge and experienced gained is absolutely amazing. I look forward to working with the next Outreach Chair as I continue my involvement with the CDF as an Ambassador.

Cheers to the incoming leader!

If the candidates have questions about the Outreach Chair position, they can reach out to Lori on the CDF Slack.