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Forbes: Best Of Suite Or Best Of Breed? The Battle Of Convenience Vs. Effectiveness

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On the surface, the best-of-suite solution seems to make more sense; it means fewer tools to manage and, hopefully, savings due to working with a single vendor.

However, this practice shows otherwise—over and over again.

Let’s look at a real-world example. Have you driven a family mini-van? To me, it is a good symbolization of the best-in-suite product. It tries to be everything: It has a decent engine, and you can even add a towing hitch. However, it’s not a car that will help you win a race or haul your boat easily. Convenience makes families choose a mini-van, but they quickly realize it comes with significant shortcomings.

[…] The results published by the CD Foundation (part of the Linux Foundation) in its State of Continuous Delivery Report published in May confirms my thesis.

Read more ➤ CDF Marries Emporous Repository to Ortelius Management Platform

By In The News

The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) has added the open source Emporous repository for software artifacts to an Ortelius platform for managing the software artifacts that make up a microservice.

Ortelius was originally created by DeployHub and subsequently contributed to the CDF, which also oversees the development of the open source Jenkins continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform.

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TFIR: Latest State Of CD Report Reveals Continued Increase Of DevOps Practices Adoption

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The State of CD Report findings are based on data from the previous six Developer Nation surveys, which reached more than 125,000 respondents worldwide over two and half years. The report is an important resource for organizations to understand how the performance of organizations across different industries is impacted by applying CD practices and using modern technologies while highlighting some of the emerging trends to keep an eye on and pitfalls to avoid.

Read more ➤ CDF Report Reveals Lack of DevOps Maturity

By In The News

A global survey of nearly 26,000 DevOps professionals published today by the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) at the cdCon + GitOpsCon event found 84% of respondents are involved in some type of DevOps activity. However, the report also found just under half 49% are using a continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery (CD) platform and only 22% are using CI and CD approaches to automate all building, testing and deployment of code in a production environment.

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sd times

SD Times: Report: Adoption of DevOps practices increasing, while code velocity remains the same

By In The News

According to the latest State of Continuous Delivery report from the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the adoption of DevOps is continuing to increase, with 84% of developers participating in DevOps activities in the first quarter of the year.

However, the report also found that code velocity has remained steady for the past two years, with about 15% of teams being considered top performers, meaning they have lead times of less than one day.

The CDF believes that while DevOps may be a help, it is likely the increasing complexity of projects that is slowing things down. 

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