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SD Times: “Report: CI/CD still in early phase for much of software development community”

By December 16, 2021December 20th, 2021In The News

Over the past year, software development has seen an increase in the adoption of Lean software delivery practices. According to the “2021 State of Continuous Delivery Report” conducted by the Continuous Delivery Foundation, 74% of developers are currently utilizing some kind of DevOps practice. However, the software development community as a whole remains in the early phases of adopting DevOps and fully automating the delivery process.

Tracy Miranda, executive director of the Continuous Delivery Foundation said, “Our State of CD report focuses on developers, and the data certainly shows that DevOps is widespread in organizations of all sizes. However, despite a common perception that industry is accelerating software delivery adoption, for teams, the data shows no signs that velocity is increasing. Better onboarding materials, less complex systems and more will be needed to improve software delivery in 2022.”

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