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DevClass: Continuous Delivery Foundation looks to build in Microsoft, further projects

By January 6, 2020January 27th, 2020In The News

“The Continuous Delivery Foundation is looking to draw in more members and projects as it heads towards its first birthday, with Microsoft top of the organisation’s hit list.

The CDF formed back in March 2019, aiming to evangelize CI/CD as methodologies, and define/document best practices in and out of the cloud. Founder members included CloudBees and Google – it is home to the original Jenkins project, and Jenkins X, the Kubernetes-focused CI/CD platform, as well as the Google spawned Tekton.

But Tracy Miranda, CloudBees’ director of open source and a member of the CDF’s board, said the organisation had, and needed, a long list of organisations and projects it still wanted to attract, including those in direct competition to CloudBees and Google.”