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9 Reasons to Attend cdCon 2022

By May 20, 2022July 24th, 2023Blog, Staff
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Last year cdCon was very successful, growing three-fold since our inaugural event in 2020, with over 2,900 virtual attendees.

This year cdCon 2022, June 7 – 8, 2022 takes place both in person, in Austin, Texas, and virtually. It will bring together technology teams, enterprise leadership and open source communities to drive the future of software delivery.

Join Continuous Delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers for a two-day experience as we improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed.

Not convinced?

Here are the top 9 reasons to attend:

1. Awesome program (in-person and virtual)

Our program committee put together the best program for you! It includes talks on many important topics:

  • 101 Sessions
  • Best Practices in Continuous Delivery
  • Cloud Native Continuous Delivery
  • Community & Leadership
  • Developer Experience
  • GitOps
  • Interoperability in Continuous Delivery
  • Observability & Analytics
  • Project + Contributor Summits (including CDEvents, our newest project)
  • Security & Supply Chain Security

View the schedule

2. Compelling Keynotes

Our keynotes set the tone for a conversation around driving the future of software delivery and emphasize themes around developer productivity and developer experience. 

Keynote speakers include: 

  • Brian Behlendorf, Open Source Security Foundation
  • Cory Doctorow, Science Fiction Author, Activist, and Journalist
  • Reginé Gilbert, NYU
  • Felienne Hermans, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
  • Grace Francisco, Cisco
  • KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, RedMonk
  • David Stanke, Google
  • Amy Smidutz, Netflix
  • Sarah Novotny, Microsoft
  • Tim Banks, The Duckbill Group
  • and more

View the schedule

3. Continuous Delivery in Real Life

Learn from companies that apply continuous delivery methods like Adobe, AWS, Capital One, Cisco, Fidelity Investments, Netflix, and more. 

View the full program

4. Diverse Community

We’re proud of our growing diverse and inclusive community and look forward to learning from one another again this year.

Don’t miss the screening of the MAMA BEARS documentary (sharing the stories of mothers and their LGBTQ+ children), a Q&A session with Equality Texas & local Mama Bears, and a “Creating Inclusive Environments” training led by TENT (Transgender Education Network of Texas).

5. Co-located with OpenJS

This year, cdCon will be co-located with OpenJS World for two conferences in one!

Discover, learn, and connect with those working on open source application development and deployment. Learn about the latest JavaScript technologies, check out new continuous delivery approaches and projects, and hear from inspiring tech leaders. 

Two conferences. One ticket. Shared Keynotes. Unlimited ways to collaborate on the Expo floor.

6. Community Days

cdcon 2022 community days

June 9 and 10 are splashed with events hosted by the community! Some are in-person only, others also include virtual attendance.

  • CDEvents
  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins X
  • Shipwright
  • Tekton
  • GraphQL

Learn more

7. Continuous Companies

Meet the most influential and newest companies in Continuous Delivery. Maybe even find your next job?

Thank you to our sponsors for making cdCon possible and for pushing Continuous Delivery forward every day.

8. In-person Activities

We’ve planned many cool experiences for you:

  • MAMA BEARS Documentary Screening
  • Community Yoga
  • 5K Fun Run
  • Live Band Karaoke

Get the details


9. Get 40% off the registration price

cdCon 2022 Sponsors

cdCon 2022 sponsors