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New Ambassador Chair – Garima Bajpai

By September 6, 2021July 24th, 2023Blog, Staff
Garima Bajpai

We have great news: Garima Bajpai will be the new Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador Chair! 

The CDF Community Ambassador Program is a network of 50+ passionate community leaders, Continuous Delivery (CD) industry representatives, thought leaders, and meetup super organizers. These volunteers are committed to empowering their local communities with skills, education and support in CD & DevOps.

Garima has been an outstanding Ambassador by volunteering her time for conference booths, participating in many outreach programs and always sharing great suggestions. In addition, she built a recognition program for the Ortelius project contributors; a critical part of forming an open source community that can recognize the hard work of being a committer. 

Tracy Miranday, CD Foundation Executive Director said: “Just as we are slowly starting to see the return of in-person meetups, I am thrilled that Garima will be taking on the CDF Ambassador chair position to help us empower the community members with the tools and resources to spread the word on continuous delivery and open source.”

Garima said:

“I am excited to collaborate with fellow ambassadors and lead the community to bigger and greater heights. We’re building a community to steer collective wisdom and contribute to evolving continuous delivery practices, tools, and capabilities.

– Garima Bajpai

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