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The CD.Foundation Governing Board—What Do They Talk About?

By February 23, 2021November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

The Continuous Delivery Foundation has a Governing Board whose role is to set the strategic direction, manage funds, and make business decisions that are in the best interest of the entire Continuous Delivery ecosystem.

The Governing Board is made up of members that include: one representative from each CDF Premier Member, one Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) representative, one Committer Representative, and elected CDF General Member representatives.

The summary minutes of the last Governing Board meeting are now published on GitHub for you to read.

We make the meeting notes available as part of the initiative to continuously improve on transparency. Myself and Stephen Chin, the Governing Board chair, are committed to openness. We want to keep the community in the loop on what’s being discussed, how decisions are made, and what direction the foundation is headed in. 

The CDF Board minutes will show what’s top of mind for the board. In November it was, unsurprisingly COVID. It resulted in a huge pivot on the events side, which means ongoing discussions about cdCon and effectively bringing our community together throughout the pandemic is a top concern.

The board met again on February 11th to approve the 2021 goals and these minutes will also be made available soon. The meetings have been far in between but will meet more regularly as the foundation picks up the pace!

For more information about the Governing Board and its members visit: 

If you want to give feedback email us. We’d be happy to hear from you.