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Spinnaker at Salesforce

By December 4, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Enterprise-Level Multi-Substrate Continuous Delivery and Release Management

The talk demonstrates what it takes to run Spinnaker at the large scale that an organization like Salesforce requires. Jing Vergara explains the many challenges they had to overcome to make their pipelines fast, reliable, and secure, so they can confidently run thousands of production deployments a day.

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0:00 Introduction
1:04 Spinnaker: Footprint
1:17 Instances and execution
3:53 Apps, templates and guidelines
4:44 Pipeline types
6:24 Salesforce Journey: Challenges
6:39 Challenge 1: Pipeline templates
8:54 Challenge 2: Release across multiple environments
10:00 Challenge 3: Change management
11:50 Challenge 4: Failure handling
13:40 Challenge 5: Infrastructure builds and changes
14:32 Challenge 6: Spinnaker account management
15:24 Challenge 7: Alerts and notifications
15:58 Challenge 8: Pipeline security
16:50 Challenge 9: Handling promotions
17:40 Challenge 10: Complex release orchestration mechanism
18:14 Roadmap: Future Projects
18:48 Q&A

Speaker: Jing Vergara, Salesforce