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Dailymotion’s Continuous Delivery Story

By December 4, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Dailymotion started with two-week release cycles, but getting test feedback was slow and involved many manual steps. They moved to Kubernetes and Jenkins X, which allowed developers to test their changes immediately, using preview environments. 

Now they automatically release each successful pull request, for an average of 10-15 times a day. Configuration is managed in Git as well and updated the same way as the rest of the code. This is how most organisations do it now and he specifically cites this as a benefit.

Vincent Behar also discusses some of the challenges that come with their new approach, like how to roll out changes without affecting all customers in case they turn out to be bad.

Looking for something specific?

0:00 Introduction
0:57 What are the issues?
2:19 What can be done?
3:46 How to do it? Jenkins X + Kubernetes
4:24 Why Jenkins X?
6:02 Practices first
7:27 Jenkins X practices (incl. GitOps)
9:44 Benefits
13:01 Preview environment benefits
15:38 Results
16:57 New challenges
17:49 Conclusion
19:15 Q&A

Speaker: Vincent Behar, Dailymotion