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CD Foundation’s Governing Board Unveils 9 Strategic Goals

By October 17, 2019November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Written by Tracy Miranda, CloudBees director of open source community and member of the CDF governing board

The CD Foundation is about 6 months old and many of the early days have been spent discussing where we will as a community focus our efforts over the next year. CDF is in a unique position as a vendor-neutral body at the heart of an industry rapidly figuring out how to deliver software better and faster. With that in mind it was important to the governing board to come up with specific goals where we should focus our efforts. 

The CD Foundation governing board went through a very collaborative process to figure out what these should be. This included speaking to those who already have a lot of experience in the CI/CD space. A personal highlight of the process for me was a face-to-face at DevOps World where we had the honor of getting feedback from Jez Humble, co-author of the Continuous Delivery Book itself and Jayne Groll, Head of the DevOps Institute.

jenkins world
CDF Board Brainstorm session at DevOps World | Jenkins World August 2019 (Photo credit: Tara Hernandez)

After many discussions, the Governing Board agreed and ratified the goals in early October. Here is the list of the 9 strategic goals that will map to specific initiatives in our program plan for 2019/2020.

  1. Drive continuous delivery adoption
  2. Cultivate growth & adoption of CDF projects
  3. Foster tool interoperability
  4. Champion diversity & inclusion in our communities
  5. Foster community relations
  6. Grow the membership base
  7. Create value for all members
  8. Promote security as a first class citizen
  9. Expand into emerging technology areas

These goals are shared in no particular order or ranking. These goals are also not static every year and meant to evolve over time with input from the community. There is a lot to say about each goal including why each one matters, not just to the foundation but also to the wider CI/CD community. Over the next few weeks I will share a post on each goal and go into the why, what, how, where & who. Plus I’ll also share details of how you can join in to help us meet those goals! 

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