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SecureChainCon 2024



Welcome to SecureChainCon, the ultimate online conference designed to foster knowledge sharing, and explore the challenges of implementing software supply chain security practices into fragmented, decoupled architectures.

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Call for Papers

CFP is open until March 25.

Everyone is welcome to submit talks for SecureChainCon. Tracks include:

  • Use Cases on Open-Source Security Tools and the DevOps Pipeline
  • Threat Modeling and data generation from the DevSecOps Pipeline
  • Understand the Blockers, Drivers, and Solutions for making the software supply chain more secure
  • Compliance and Governance Tools and KPIs

First-time presenters are encouraged to submit talks.


TechTarget: DevSecOps demands focus on developer experience, IT pros say

By In The News

AUSTIN, Texas — DevSecOps platforms operated by internal service providers are increasingly common, but just provisioning infrastructure for developers isn’t enough, experienced platform engineers have learned.

Operating a DevOps platform tends to create a shift to a product mindset, with platform teams acting as service providers that deliver a curated set of pipeline tools and infrastructure to internal developer customers. As their products mature, platform teams must also focus on improving their developer customers’ experience — or risk losing those customers to shadow IT and other risky practices, according to IT experts at this week’s cdCon.

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