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DevOps World 2022

DevOps World 2022


DevOps World takes to the stage

Conference Registration Pass: $1,350

Get ready for the DevOps remix at DevOps World 2022 — the largest global gathering of DevOps thought leaders, practitioners, and contributors, and all those dedicated to shaping the future of modern software delivery. The tempo will be faster, more energized, and more harmonious in keeping with the accelerated pace of the DevOps transformation.

Progressive delivery, value stream management, and everything from AIOps to XOps are now part of the mix creating new paths, new beats, and faster code releases. Get inspired by visionary keynotes, stimulating breakout sessions, and expert training to give you the drive to orchestrate digital transformation in your organization while creating exceptional customer experiences and better business outcomes.

Events Details

Rosalind Radcliffe Meetup

Online Meetup: Software Quality for the Enterprise in the Age of DevOps


With DevOps transforming the way we work with a focus on speed to market, how do we ensure the right level of quality in the system? In this meetup we will be joined by Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems. She will discuss some of the lessons learned and experiences on improving overall quality while achieving speed of delivery. She will use case studies, including existing backend systems running on IBM Z, that she has included in her new book “Enterprise Bug Busting – From testing through CI/CD” to deliver business results. For more information on Rosalind visit her LinkedIn page

JFrog DevOps Beyond Basics

DevOps Beyond Basics


Join us for this online event 9 AM – 12 PM CET and see how leading organizations are reaping the benefits of DevOps.
ACCELERATE YOUR DEVOPS JOURNEY with insights and advice from industry experts.

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