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open mainframe summit 2021

Open Mainframe Summit


The Open Mainframe Summit will bring together all of the different type of mainframers – from students to hobbyists, seasoned professionals to new engineers, developers and educators – to share best practices, discuss hot topics, learn technical insight from the best, and network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the mainframe industry.

Call for Papers Ends July 16
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devops world 2021

DevOps World 2021


DevOps World is a chance to get inspired by experts and your peers and gain the tools you need to shape the future of software delivery at your organization and at large. It caters to the full DevOps ecosystem and brings together thought leaders, practitioners and community contributors from around the world, providing attendees the opportunity to learn, explore, network virtually and transform the future of software delivery together. This is a virtual event where ideas and experiences from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints are shared to give all attendees the insights they need to build and deliver great software.

CFP closed May 27, 2021

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unscripted 2021



June 16-17 – Virtual

{unscripted} is a virtual conference event for software engineers, DevOps practitioners, and technology leaders to learn and share stories of simplified software delivery at scale.

Puppet Camp

Puppet Camp: Bridging to Cloud Native


May 20, 2021, 1-4 p.m. AEST – Virtual Experience


It’s undeniable that cloud adoption has increased the urgency for automation. For Puppet users, automation has always been a must-have as you’ve pioneered DevOps practices in your organizations. Now a new set of challenges are emerging from the growing adoption of cloud native architectures and technologies. The cloud native landscape is complex and fragmented with new tools popping up every day. How do you make sense of this evolving space and carefully choose the right mix of tools to help you manage what you have today and build a bridge to the future?

We invite you to join us for a Puppet Camp dedicated to Puppet users who are applying their automation wisdom to manage cloud native environments. You’ll also see our latest Relay capabilities, designed to help cloud operations teams easily automate cloud native workflows through event-driven automation.

Free to attend


InfoQ: Why DevOps Culture Matters-Leaders Talk About the Keys to Making Change Successful and Sustainable

By In The News

In our recent Software Delivery Leadership Forum (SDLF), I had the opportunity to chat with several industry experts about creating a successful DevOps culture. It was a really engaging, insightful discussion because, as we all know, cultivating a supportive DevOps culture or mindset is critical to the success of any continuous delivery initiative. 

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