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Vol. 4 Feb. 2021

Dear CDF Community,

What does 2021 hold for Continuous Delivery?

We announced the upcoming cdCon dates! Join us for our annual, two-day event June 23–24, 2021. We’re hosting it virtually again this year. Register for free.

cdCon call for proposals is open until March 5: Submit a talk.

Happy reading,

Roxanne Joncas
Newsletter Editor

CDF Annual Report 2020

This month, we published the Foundation’s annual report. Read it to learn about all our community’s incredible accomplishments in 2020.

End-User Council 2021 Plan

Our End-User Council provides the opportunity to have context-rich discussions on how various end-user organizations pursue their modernization efforts in the most effective way. 

They published their plans for 2021, download it and get involved! [Download Plan PDF]

CDF Project Updates

• Congratulations to the new Jenkins board members, Gavin Mogan and GSoC 2021: Call for Project Ideas + Call for Mentors
• FOSDEM 2021: Jenkins will have a devstand at FOSDEM (Feb 6-7, 2021), including a CI/CD Devroom. Join us!
• Many Jenkins is the way user stories and case studies have been consolidated in this new ebook.
Jenkins X
Jenkins X 3 Walkthrough Guide for newcomers and for users who want to get the best out of Jenkins X.
• Read the Contributor Guide
Blog-a-thon from Feb. 1 to Mar. 31. Topics: GitOps, Configuration Management, what it means to contribute to open source, and Ortelius Tips and tricks are the topics.
• Latest Improvements and updates
Watch Spinnaker Summit 2020 Talk Recording
Tekton Pipelines 0.20.0
tekton-jinja: A Tekton task for rendering jinja2 templates. Use in your Kubernetes or OpenShift project.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Google Summer of Code 2021

We are looking for project ideas and mentors to participate in GSoC 2021. Submit project ideas before the beginning of February so they can get a proper review by the GSoC committee and by the community.

The Pipeline: All things CD & DevOps Podcast

News: Our podcast has over 7,500 downloads. Thank you to our host Jacqueline Salinas and to you for listening!

Listen to our latest episodes: 

Season 2

Ambassador and Member Webcast

Watch the latest webinar episodes on our YouTube Channel:


Inclusion and Diversity are important to us. That’s why we created the (she)DF community. It’s still young and evolving, but currently, we are a network of over 88 women on LinkedIn. We are so excited by the growth in membership, especially, as this initiative just launched this year in 2020.
We saw the opportunity to create a group for women hosted by the female leadership of the CDF. The group is currently functioning as a community board where members can share events, blogs, jobs, and a fun meme or two. Diversity and inclusion are a priority at CDF and we hope to take (she)DF to the next level in 2021. We are launching a quarterly luncheon for the ladies of the (she)DF and if vaccines permit we might be able to do a few of these at an industry event in person in late 2021. If you identify as a woman in tech we encourage you to join our network of women! 

Join us on LinkedIn – (she)DF

Benefits of CD

We wanted to share this infographic with you. It’ll be featured in a white paper next year. [Infographic PDF]