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CDF Award 2024 – And the nominees are…

By March 5, 2024March 7th, 2024Blog, Staff

The community has spoken and has nominated their peers for the CD Foundation Community Awards for 2024. Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck!

CDF Awards

The five awards part of the CDF Award category are:

  • Continuous Enthusiast
  • Top CDF Ambassador
  • Top CDF Contributor
  • Top Doc(umenter)
  • Top CDF End User

Note: Projects may conduct their nomination and voting process however they choose to. View all awards categories and previous winners.

Award Officers

Thank you to this year’s volunteer award officers: Bervianto Leo Pratama and Vutukuri Sreenivas, who observe nomination and voting to ensure the transparency and sanctity of the award process.

Vutukuri Sreenivas

Continuous Enthusiast

This is the special award for the community contributors. When you think of the CDF community, this person should be on the shortlist, because they’re everywhere!

CD Foundation Awards Continuous Enthusiast

Top Ambassador

This award is to recognize a community champion for the continuous delivery space. This individual helps spread awareness of the CDF and its projects. The CDF Ambassador leverages multiple platforms, both online as well as speaking engagements, driving interest and excitement around the ecosystem. Must be part of the active Ambassador Cohort.

CD Foundation Awards Top Ambassador

Top Contributor

This award recognizes excellence of technical contributions to the CDF and its projects. This individual commits key pieces to projects and, more importantly, contributes in a way that benefits the project neutrally as a whole.

CD Foundation Awards Top Contributor

Top Doc(umenter)

This award recognizes excellence in documentation contributions to the CDF and its projects. Outstanding technical documentation is one of the best ways projects can lower the barrier to contribution.

CD Foundation Awards Top Doc(umenter)

Top CDF End User

The special award for the CDF End User Companies. This company embodies Continuous Delivery in the enterprise and strives to improve its processes. Their team members also drive important open conversations with other companies and CDF committees.

The companies nominated for this year’s Top CDF End User are:

  • Apple
  • Autodesk
  • Fidelity Investments


The CDF Award voting is done by members of the TOC, Ambassadors and Outreach Committee, who received an email with information on how to vote.


The winners will be announced at cdCon 2024 on April 16–17, as part of Open Source Summit North America in Seattle, Washington.

cdCon 2024