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State of DevOps Report 2024 Results: The Next Evolution of Platform Engineering

By March 21, 2024Blog, Staff
State of DevOps Report 2024

We’ve partnered with Puppet by Perforce again this year to deliver the new 2024 State of DevOps Report: The Evolution of Platform Engineering — exploring the next stage in Platform Engineering maturity. How are platform engineering teams today supporting DevOps with efficiency, speed, and security? 

Key Takeaways

💭 A new kind of developer is on the rise — one that is supported by a platform’s self-servicing tools and free to do more creative, flexible work. 

⚙️ With productivity as a core goal, 66% of respondents say that automating workflows and processes are now a part of the platform team’s responsibilities.

🔒 Security is now a part of a platform from the start, making it a shared goal from the get-go and enhancing compliance.

Puppet’s annual State of DevOps report has stayed on top of trends across DevOps to bring you the data and insight you need to know. This is the second year that the report has focused on Platform Engineering as it continues to work alongside DevOps goals for shared success. You won’t want to miss this years’ data-packed report.