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Governing Board General Member Rep 2023: Ger McMahon Re-elected

By February 13, 2023Blog

Congratulations to Gerard McMahon, of Fidelity Investments, who was re-elected as the Governing Board General Member Representative. This will be Ger’s second term and we are very excited to continue working with him for another year.

Gerard McMahon

Gerard McMahon, Fidelity Investments

GB General Member Representative 

Term: February 7, 2023, to February 7, 2024

Gerard is the VP of Architecture in Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) at Fidelity Investments and currently is the Head of ALM Tools and Platforms, whose mission is to provide an open and flexible Software Delivery Platform to accelerate and increase the velocity of business value delivery with confidence at scale. Ger is a strong advocate of Software Delivery Excellence and incorporating the principles of agility into engineering and operational excellence, for building high-performing teams and enabling a DevOps culture.