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CDEvents Publishes Whitepaper: The Next Evolution in CI/CD Technology

By June 7, 2022July 24th, 2023Blog, Project

The CDEvents project has published their first whitepaper called: CDEvents: The Next Evolution in CI/CD Technologies.

CDEvents Whitepaper: The Next Evolution in CI/CD Technology

The whitepaper describes the newest technology in CI/CD – CDEvents. It is intended for DevOps Engineers, Project Managers/Directors, CTOs, and Cloud Architects who are interested in evolving their DevOps pipelines to become more scalable, robust, measurable, and visible, using a technology- agnostic solution to provide interoperability.

The technology described is still in its very early stages, and the concepts in it could change quite substantially as we go along, so please join us to make sure this technology evolves into something we could all benefit from.