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Tekton Hub Is Live!

By February 24, 2021November 1st, 2023Blog, Project

Contributed by Puneet Punamiya, Red Hat (CDF member)

Tekton is an open-source project under the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) that provides a framework for creating CI/CD systems in a cloud-native way. In simple terms, one can define their entire CI/CD pipeline as Kubernetes resources. 

At their core, Tekton Pipelines have a reusable component known as Task that can be easily shared. The Tekton Catalog repository contains a list of these Tasks that are designed to be reusable across many pipelines and to solve a common use case, such as building and pushing images, linting, etc.

As the adoption of Tekton Pipelines grew, so did the Tekton Catalog. This led to some confusion; users found it difficult to search, install, and upgrade Tasks due to the decentralized nature of the catalog. That’s why we created a web-based platform called Tekton Hub, which provides a central portal for discovering and sharing Tekton resources like Tasks and Pipelines.

Tekton Hub was previously launched as a preview as Tekton Hub Preview and now graduated to Tekton Hub!  🎉

Tekton Hub is Live!

Tekton Hub Screenshot

Tekton Hub provides a central location for users to discover a curated set of contributed resources from the Community Catalog. Resources can be searched by “name” or “display name”, filtered by categories (cloud, CLI, GitHub etc…), and rated by users. 

In addition, Tekton Hub provides an API service for external tools (Tekton CLI, VSCode, and IntelliJ) to integrate with the Hub to search, retrieve, and install Tasks directly within these tools. 

We started first with the integration of Tekton CLI which used the APIs exposed by Hub. It can now install a task from Tekton Hub and also can upgrade it. Next in line are the Tekton Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ. This will allow users to interact with Tekton Hub within the IDE.

╰─ tkn hub
 Interact with tekton hub
 tkn hub [flags]
 tkn hub [command]
 Available Commands:
   downgrade   Downgrade an installed resource
   get         Get resource manifest by its name, kind, catalog, and version
   info        Display info of resource by its name, kind, catalog, and version
   install     Install a resource from a catalog by its kind, name and version
   reinstall   Reinstall a resource by its kind and name
   search      Search resource by a combination of name, kind, and tags
   upgrade     Upgrade an installed resource
       --api-server string   Hub API Server URL (default "")
   -h, --help                help for hub
 Use "tkn hub [command] --help" for more information about a command.
Buildah tekton screenshot

What’s Next?

We have plans to make it even better. Starting with:

  • Sharing Tekton resources across many distributed Tekton catalogs hosted by various organizations and teams.
  • Supporting multiple Git platforms like GitLab, Bitbucket etc.

We’re happy to finally be sharing Tekton Hub with the world! It’s a huge milestone and we hope you’ll find it useful. Try Tekton Hub now.