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Announcing the Jenkins public Roadmap

By August 4, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Project

Contributed by Tracy Miranda

CDF Newsletter – August 2020 Article
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Jenkins is a huge ecosystem driven by a very active community, including our special interest groups focused on:

With so many different activities and initiatives ongoing it can be difficult to know what new features are available or get visibility on future work. That’s why Jenkins recently announced the public community-driven roadmap. It aggregates key initiatives in all areas: features, infrastructure, documentation, community, etc. (See JEP-14 for more information about the public roadmap process.) It follows a ‘Current-NearTerm-Future’ format to give visibility on time frames.


screenshot of new roadmap page
(Click on image to head to the interactive roadmap.)

Anyone is welcome to participate and help us to deliver the initiatives below!