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Introducing our newest CDF Ambassador – Yun “Forest” Jing (景韵)

By April 23, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Hi CI/CD fans,

I’m Yun “Forest” Jing (景韵), a DevOps practitioner from China. I believe IT changes the world, and that DevOps changes IT.

You can read the blog First Online CI/CD Meetup in China Gets Over 5,000 Attendees. It is very inspiring to share knowledge and experiences in the community, so I’ve co-founded a local community called DevOps Times Community where there are almost 30,000 subscribers in our wechat official account. 

I’m also a Jenkins Ambassador and DevOps Institute Ambassador, too. I’ve organized the Jenkins Area Meetup and Jenkins User Conference China for 3 years. It was an honorable moment to win the Most Valuable Advocate of Jenkins community and to be Jenkins Ambassador in 2018, as well.

I, Xuefeng “BC” Shi and Tao Lei were on DevOps World 2018 San Francisco

Jenkins Ambassador Teams

My story with DevOps started from an email sent by my boss in 2014. He said, “make a study of DevOps.” And so it began. 

I found an internal community in our company where architects, developers, testers, and ops could meet together to understand and learn from each other.

Logo and Slogan of Internal DevOps Community

And I didn’t forget the work assigned by my boss . I’ve led from start to release an internal DevOps Guide to help all teams to practice DevOps.

The architecture of DevOps Guide in Chinese

2017 will be a memorable year for me. DevOpsDays Beijing 2017 has lit up DevOps in China. Lots of companies shared their experience about DevOps, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, etc.

Patrick Debois and Me (Master and Newbie)

From 2017, I also started to be a full-time member of the community. I’ve co-organized the local DevOps event coined the DevOps International Summit (DOIS) and Jenkins User Conference in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to share Agile, CI/CD, AIOps, DevOps practices and experiences in China.

I’ve joined the experts group to contribute to the DevOps Capability Maturity Model organized by CAICT, as well. Lots of companies could learn how to practice according to this model.

Not only focused on China, but also built the communication bridge with the global DevOps community and companies. For this, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Alyssa Tong have really helped a lot.

 JUCC Shanghai 2017

Alan Shimel and Jayne Groll  have also inspired me to introduce more experiences from China to the world and also from the world to China. So, I’m a DevOps Institute Ambassador right now. It is a great team helping to share DevOps with the world.