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CD Foundation Releases Fourth State of Continuous Delivery Report and Announces New Members at cdCon + GitOpsCon

CD Foundation announces its latest State of CD Report and four new members: F5 NGINX, Prodvana, Salesforce, and Testkube

VANCOUVER, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the open source software foundation that seeks to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed, today announced the latest State of Continuous Delivery report, fourth in a series launched three years ago. The announcements come at the start of cdCon + GitOpsCon (May 8 – 9, 2023), an in-person event in Vancouver, Canada, co-organized with The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

New State of CD Report Published

The CDF provides vendor-neutral data on key DevOps and development metrics to show where Continuous Delivery (CD) stands in 2023 and beyond. The State of CD Report Series started in 2021; this is the fourth report.

The State of CD Report findings are based on data from the previous six Developer Nation surveys, which reached more than 125,000 respondents worldwide over two and half years. The report is an important resource for organizations to understand how the performance of organizations across different industries is impacted by applying CD practices and using modern technologies while highlighting some of the emerging trends to keep an eye on and pitfalls to avoid.

This year’s noteworthy findings include:

  • Continued increase of DevOps practices adoption; 84% of developers participating in DevOps-related activities
  • Testing applications for security measures has become the second most popular DevOps-related activity, with 37% of developers actively involved 
  • Using CI/CD tools is correlated with better software delivery performance across all metrics. 
  • While using CI/CD tools can improve development performance, an increasing number of self-hosted CI/CD tools used by DevOps practitioners doesn’t lead to greater performance, possibly due to interoperability issues.

The full report is available for free. View the State of CD Report.

CD Foundation Welcomes 4 New Members

F5 NGINX, Prodvana, Salesforce, and Testkube joined the CD Foundation as new members. They join premier members CloudBees, Google Cloud, JFrog, and Red Hat, as well as the broader open source CI/CD community, in helping to strengthen the growth and evolution of continuous delivery.


F5, Inc., is the company behind NGINX, comprising both open source and commercial offerings. F5 NGINX delivers cloud-native, Kubernetes-friendly solutions that drive mission-critical apps and APIs with scalability, visibility, security, and governance.

“With the rise of GitOps workflows making CD increasingly important in almost every area of technology—and the prevalence of NGINX in so many environments—we see a tremendous opportunity to support the CD Foundation in its mission to improve delivery of software with security and speed,” said Damian Curry, Technical Director, NGINX Community and Alliances, F5. “Our expertise in this space can help inform best practices and solutions as they evolve, especially as NGINX plays a significant role in myriad deployment scenarios.”


Prodvana is an intelligent software delivery system for cloud-native software. Similar to how GPS routes you to a destination with an address, Prodvana navigates software delivery with declarative configuration coupled with the power of convergence to greatly simplify your software delivery. Focus on outcomes, not processes, with Prodvana. 

“Prodvana is excited to join the CD Foundation and help be a part of critical innovation in the software delivery space. The future of software delivery has never been brighter. Innovation in the cloud has led to new and novel challenges in delivery, such as tenancy requirements, a key focus of Prodvana’s declarative and convergence-based delivery engine,” said Andrew Fong, Co-founder & CEO of Prodvana. “We are looking forward to working with this group and pushing the state of software delivery forward!”


Salesforce is the customer company. We make AI-driven cloud-based software designed to help businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way, so they can find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.


Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for Testers, Developers, and DevOps practitioners that allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster, removing all the complexity from your CI/CD pipelines.

“Continuous Deployment pipelines are moving to the heart and center of how organizations and teams are deploying cloud native applications today,” said Ole Lensmar, CTO at Kubeshop. “Providing an interoperability layer based on CDEvents in the space is key to facilitating this transition across tools in the space and we at Kubeshop are excited to see our Testkube project join the CDF to help evolve both the CDEvents spec and its implementations.”

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