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CD Foundation Opens First Annual cdCon with New Members and Community Growth

By October 7, 2020November 11th, 2020Announcement, Blog
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Open-source community veteran Tracy Miranda joins as Executive Director, announces four new members and strong community growth 

San Francisco, October 7, 2020 – The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), the open-source software foundation that seeks to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed, today announced new members, community growth, and more at the start of their first annual cdCon. The event will be run fully virtually, broadening participation globally.

cdCon Starts Today

cdCon is a two-day virtual event running October 7-8, 2020, focusing on improving the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. Industry leaders are giving talks and interacting with attendees online, covering an extensive range of software delivery and DevOps topics. cdCon is sponsored by CloudBees, JFrog, Armory, CircleCI, Lightstep, OpsMx, Deployhub, Harness, Huawei, Shipa, Stackhawk, DevOps Institute. Media partners include Learnk8s, MediaOps, and North American DevOps Group. 

cdcon sponsor list

The full cdCon schedule is available here:

“Our first annual cdCon shows how important continuous delivery is to industries as they navigate industry and global changes. The response and support for cdCon have been overwhelming, and CDF is committed to providing a clear path for companies to participate in a vendor-neutral structure that can greatly improve organizations’ abilities to deliver software securely and quickly,” said Tracy Miranda, Continuous Delivery Foundation Executive Director. “Come join us at cdCon, there’s still time to register and participate!”

Keynotes include industry experts and well-known specialists Isaac Mosquera, CTO, Armory, Yasemin Blanton, Head of Technology Delivery, BMO Financial Group, John Mark Walker, Director, Open Source Program Office, Capital One, Rob Zuber, CTO, CircleCI, Christie Wilson, Software Engineer, Google, Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Cofounder, LaunchDarkly, Abby Kearns, CTO, Puppet, and Tracy Miranda, Executive Director, Continuous Delivery Foundation, The Linux Foundation. 

For a full-featured speaker list, see

CD Foundation Welcoming New Members

Codefresh, Fidelity Investments, Octopus Deploy, and Shipa are joining the CD Foundation as new members. They join premier members Capital One, CircleCI, Cloudbees, Fujitsu, Google, Huawei, IBM, JFrog, Netflix, and Salesforce, as well as the broader open source CI/CD community, in helping to strengthen the growth and evolution of continuous delivery models. 

“We welcome our new members and look forward to including their expertise and guidance in helping to build CI/CD processes that benefit the industry as a whole. It’s not easy work, but it’s incredibly important, and it cannot be accomplished by one company alone,” said Dan Lorenc, Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Chair. “CDF is the way to help guide technical development and governance structures to make sure that CI/CD and DevOps continue to develop quickly and efficiently.”

Codefresh – Codefresh is a continuous delivery and collaboration platform for containers and microservices. It is a modern CI/CD platform designed for software development teams building and deploying cloud-native applications using Docker, Serverless, and Kubernetes. Container-based pipelines provide better flexibility, easier pipeline creation, and dozens of speed optimizations.

“We are excited to join the CD Foundation. Codefresh is built specifically for microservices and cloud-native apps, and by contributing to the direction of open-source CI/CD development through the CD Foundation, our customers will benefit now and into the future,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Technology Evangelist, Codefresh. “No team can effectively practice DevOps for microservices without a cohesive strategy and the right tools, and we are focused on making it easier to get the right strategy and informative tools that our customers can implement and trust.”

Fidelity Investments – Fidelity Investments offers a range of services including fund distribution and investment advice, wealth management, life insurance, retirement services, and securities execution and clearance. It manages equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds for individual investors, businesses, financial advisors, and institutional investors. It is one of the largest investment management firms in the United States, with over 26 million customers, $6.5 trillion in total customer assets, and more than $2.4 trillion in global assets under management. Fidelity will help build industry specifications and guidance around pipelines, workflows and other CI/CD areas, as well as provide foundational support for CI/CD tools.

“We continually explore ways to deliver the highest quality digital experiences to our 32 million customers around the globe in a timely and secure manner,” said Joe Frazier, Head of Enterprise Cloud Computing for Fidelity Investments. “The CD Foundation is uniquely positioned to help steer the course of development in the continuous delivery space within the highly regulated financial services industry. Leveraging this community, Fidelity looks forward to the collaboration that will enable end users to influence better solutions that drive value for our customers.”

Octopus Deploy – Octopus Deploy automates application deployment with both on-prem or cloud solutions. It takes over where your CI server ends, providing release management, deployment automation, and operations tools. Octopus Deploy helps developers and operations teams automate software deployments. It also covers audit and compliance requirements. 

“Application deployment goes hand in hand with CI/CD, and we are pleased to join the CD Foundation to help support and strengthen the community. Becoming a member allows us to guide the roadmap and continue to move CI/CD forward, which directly benefits Octopus users,” said Paul Stovell, CEO and Founder of Octopus Deploy. “We’ll be at cdCon if you want to find out more about release management, come by and say hello.”

Shipa – Shipa provides a cloud-native application management framework for running mission-critical applications on Kubernetes. Shiga provides centralized control over configurations to reduce the risk of misconfigurations and provides an application-centric way to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications without requiring Kubernetes expertise. 

“We at Shipa believe in the mission of the CD Foundation which is this strong vision of vendor-neutral governance with a focus on efficiency and security. By becoming a member and participating actively, including recently open sourcing our own deployment engine, we are both improving the ecosystem for our customers and supporting the broader CI/CD community. This is a win-win for Shipa customers,” said Bruno Andrade, CEO, Shipa. “Looking forward to participating in cdCon!”

New Executive Director

CI/CD open source community leader Tracy Miranda has joined the CDF as its new Executive Director. Miranda has worked closely with the CDF since the creation of the foundation. She will work closely with the CDF hosted projects Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, Screwdriver, and Tekton, and help members and the wider Continuous Delivery CI/CD community improve their software development security and speed when creating cloud-native, legacy infrastructure, mobile, IoT, and bare-metal applications. 

To see the full executive director announcement, see:

Community Growth

Community growth in 2020 has been extremely strong across the board. Of the four founding projects, Jenkins moved to Graduation status, Jenkins X started a Linux Foundation training course (LFS268 CI/CD with Jenkins X) to introduce the fundamentals of Jenkins X, Tekton moved to beta, and Spinnaker held its Spinnaker LIVE event, boasting 1,183 contributors in the last year. And Screwdriver, simplified interfacing for Jenkins originally developed by Yahoo, now Verizon Media, joined as our first Incubation Project. 

Our CI/CD meetups are now at 27,000+ members in 68 groups spread across 30 countries! There’s probably a CI/CD meetup nearby you. Come participate! 

The CDF Community Ambassador Cohort of 2020 has 50 confirmed ambassadors and plans to announce an additional 50 by the end of the year. The goal is to round out the 2020 cohort to 100! 

We also have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in Interoperability, Security, and Machine Learning (MLOps) as ways for people to participate in specific areas of expertise or interest.

And, this year for the first time, the CD Foundation produced our first CD Foundation Interactive Landscape to communicate the state of the community and clarify the tools needed to adopt a fully automated CD process.

Additional CDF Resources

About the Continuous Delivery Foundation

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