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CDF Ambassador Alumni

Thank you to all our previous CDF Ambassadors who were part of any cohort from 2020 to 2022.

Adam Gardner

Dynatrace | Australia

Talks about security, open source, observability, and opentelemetry

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Adam Roberts

Software Developer at IBM

Adam works full time on Tekton but his main love is for helping end users and customers to achieve their goals.

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Aksel Filipovic

ALADOR e.U. | Germany

Advising Management, Developers, Testers, Release Mgmt & DevOps teams to achieve Continuous Delivery their way using best practices, techniques and tooling in an interesting, joyful and accountable manner.

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Alejandro Montenegro

Google | Denmark

Has been building data intensive applications for two decades, when not writing code or optimizing pipelines he likes to spend the day with outdoors activities.

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Alex Jones

VP SRE @ JPMorgan & Chase

I count myself lucky to be part of the community developing the future of cloud-native technology.

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Alexander Raul

CEO at Rackner

In my client work at Rackner, I've architected cloud migrations for companies up to $60MM and built software for Fortune 50 co's and highly funded startups on both coasts.

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Andreas Grabner

Dynatrace | Austria

Has a passion for DevOps and SRE and is helping users to automate performance and resiliency validation into continuous delivery.

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Anna Daugherty


Anna Daugherty is the Director of Product Marketing at Opsera where she focuses on delivering Continuous Deployment solutions for all developers, at any scale.

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Anshul Lalit

Director - DevOps & Quality Management at Kongsberg Digital

My passion has always been Strategic Thinking, Technology, Process, and Quality.

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Anurag Sharma

Zensar Technologies UK LTD

Sr Product Manager/ Management Consultant, Passionate about Product Ops, SRE and AIOps

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Balaji Sivasubramanian

Vice President of Product & Business Development at OpsMx

I am interested in helping Enterprise accelerate software delivery through various continuous delivery tools like Spinnaker, Tekton etc.

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Balasundaram Natarajan

Senior DevOps/System Integration Engineer at OnMobile

Total work experience 10+ years in products & solutions deployment for mobile & telecommunication services across the globe.

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Batel Zohar

JFrog | Israel

I am always excited to meet new people.

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BMK Lakshminarayanan

Solutions Architect at Bank of New Zealand

Passionate Solutions Architect,CNCF Ambassador, experienced DDD, Agile practitioner; DevOps, Cloud, CI/CD and lover of coffee!

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Brad McCoy

Play Travel | New Zealand

Head of Engineering, CNCF ambassador, passionate about open source and mentoring new contributors and helping organizations adopt open source to accelerate innovation.

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Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez

Software Engineer | R&D Performance & Scale for OpenShift Performance & Latency Sensitive Application Platform (PSAP)

Eduardo is a performance engineer at Red Hat, working on the OpenShift performance & latency sensitive applications.

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Carlos Enrique Moreno Alvarez

Born in Venezuela, passionate about collaborating on projects that improve human life and add meaning to our life plan, Information Technology Professional with over 15 years of experience as an Solutions Architect, Infrastructure Engineer and Performance Analysis Consultant.

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Carlos Tadeu Panato Júnior

Sn. Software Engineer at Mattermost

Software Engineer with experience leveraging agile, DevOps, Test Automation and CI/CD to manage large scale distributed platforms both on-prem and in public cloud.

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Chad Tripod

Sn. Deployment Engineer at

15+ years of large scale application / service delivery.

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Chandan Sinha

Operations Engineer at Firstlight Media

Chandan is currently working as a Operations Engineer at Firstlight Media, providing infrastructural and functional systems to OTT platforms assisted by artificial intelligence.

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Chandani Kumari


Chandani Kumari (she/her) is a former Outreachy Intern with Tekton.

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Chitrita Chakravarti

Slalom | USA

Senior Consultant for a Data & Analytics practice, working as a data strategist & architect and DataOps practitioner, modernizing data engineering solutions.

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Chris Short


Sr. Dev Advocate, AWS Kubernetes

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Christian Hernandez

Red Hat | USA

Kubernetes and GitOps Advocate working to containerize the world one application at a time working at Red Hat.

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Clemens Reijnen

Global CTO of Cloud and DevOps leader at Sogeti

Global strategic Cloud and DevOps portfolio, product and business development.

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Dan “POP” P.

Field Chief Technologist at Sysdig | Host of The POPCAST with DanPOP | CKA

DevOps Solution Professional who can clearly and cohesively map business objectives to products, process and most importantly people.

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David Dennis

Seamfix | Nigeria

DevOps and Cloud advocate with a degree in computer engineering.

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David Espejo

VMware | Colombia

Community builder at heart and platform engineer with a background on automation, K8s and cloud.

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Dheeraj Nayal

Global Community Ambassador at DevOps Institute

I am currently working as the Global Community Ambassador at DevOps Institute headquarter in USA along being the Region Head for APJ & MEA Region.

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Dinesh Nithyanandam

Sn. Performance Engineer at Target

A meticulous, disciplined and proactive Performance evangelist with 7.8 Plus years of experience in performance engineering,tuning wherein involved in key architectural decision making which fruited out in prolonged application scalability and resilience.

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Enric Forn Jorba

CaixabankTech | Spain

IT Architect accelerating software development while increasing quality in large organizations.

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Enrique Ramirez

Principal Software Engineer at Waters Corporation

Agile Software Test Leader with a passion for excellence, orchestrating collaborative team efforts towards strategic and immediate goals in concert with partner in cross functional areas to achieve business impact and customer satisfaction.

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Everest K.C.

Boise State University

Graduate Student in CS, DevOps and cloud native Advocate

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Feynman Zhou

QingCloud | China

Community manager and InfoQ DevOps editor, focusing on advocacy and outreach, technology evangelism and community growth

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Forest Jing

DevOps Practitioner at Huayou Tech

I believe IT changes the world and DevOps changes IT.

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Ganesh Sharma


FOSS/DevOps/GitOps/CloudOps Enthusiast. 5+ Years into the Infra space.

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Garima Bajpai


Garima is a Global DevOps Researcher and is committed to help organizations struggling with complex digital transformation & development projects.

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Glaudia Califano

Agile & Lean Practitioner - Professional Scrum Trainer at Red Tangerine

I am passionate about the people side of change and bringing meaningful change into organisations, with a focus on helping teams and organisations deliver true customer value in a sustainable way. I have worked with a range of organisations in a range of industries; from small digital agencies to big corporate organisations.

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Gokul Prabagaren

Capital One | USA

Developed distributed Cloud Native applications based on Spark, Cassandra and Mongo which are currently serving millions of customers everyday.

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Gurtej Pal Singh


Enterprise Digital Strategy & Transformation Consultant

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Gurumoorthy Raghupathy

DoIT International | UK

Senior Engineering Leader / SRE practitioner with 22+ years of passion in delivering business applications & solutions.

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Guto Carvalho | Brazil

Cloud Native Engineer living in the center-west of Brazil. DevOps Enthusiast, GitOps Practitioner and a Cloud-Native Believer 🙂

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Hector Calderon

Complex Solution Architect - Multi-Cloud at IBM

Loves Tekton!

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Helen Beal

Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute

Helen Beal is Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute and a DevOps coach, writer and learning facilitator.

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Hongchao Deng

Alibaba Cloud | USA

Co-chair of CNCF App Delivery TAG; Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Cloud; Focus on DevOps, cloud native technologies, developer experience.

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Janis Orlovs

CWISE | Latvia

Has been building large and small scale software delivery platforms and solutions for last 10 years.

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Jason Odoom

Cybersecurity Engineer at Clarity Innovates

Driven Cybersecurity professional looking to change the world by harnessing the power of the Internet to influence ideas, people and nations in order to improve the quality of life and opportunities for the 99%.

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Jay Ashok Shah

Ernst & Young | USA

Jay is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at Ernst & Young and also been an educational and research advisor and mentor.

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Jesus Rodriguez

DevOps Ambassador | SAFe® 5 Program Consultant | Cloud Native enthusiasts | Head of Software Engineering at Sodimac Corp

I am an Agilist who believes that technology is a powerful enabler to transform the way we interact!

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Jesus Rodriguez


I'm a Tech Enthusiast focused on Cloud Native & DevOps adoption, developing high-performance teams and moderns Cloud Native Architectures Implementations.

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Jinghe Ma (Mike)

JiHu(GitLab) | China

DevOps technical & Open Source Evangelist at JiHu(GitLab), focusing on Cloud Native as well as DevSecOps.

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Jithin Emmanuel

Verizon Media

Senior Engineering Manager & Product Owner for Yahoo Screwdriver, the flagship CI/CD product at Verizon Media

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JJ Asghar

Developer Advocate at IBM

To work in a challenging company where I can take ownership of a portion of the product. I'm looking to work with a trustworthy team but at the same time able to work autonomously. I would initially like to work in a on the application level to learn the software and, with the hopes of moving into a more complex role.

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Joel Vasallo

Manager, Cloud DevOps at Redbox

Enthusiastic and driven engineer in the DevOps/SRE space with a passion for Open Source and Open Culture. Learning, building, sharing, and growing every day both professionally and through community efforts. Proud Google Developer Group organizer in Chicago and speaker at a few notable conferences.

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Julie Horville

Sn. Marketing Mgr. at Cycloid

My 15 years of experience in marketing and communications in different industries and in international environment do make me a chameleon able to develop and execute end-to-end on and offline campaigns, to manage a large-scale budget and to coordinate teams globally, as well for external audiences as internal ones. My knowledge of the digital world is a valuable asset in the hyper connected world we are evolving in.

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Kailashpathi C Gujari

Ericsson | India

18+ Years of experience in Cloud, Infrastructure Automation & DevOps/SRE.

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Kais Salhi

Hydro Quebec

Entreprise architect, accelerating digital transformation. DevSecOps and Platform Engineering Evangelist. Cloud Natives Advocate. Passion for emerging technologies and fields that contribute to Continuous Delivery

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Kevin Collas-Arundell | Australia

Generic Linux Ops person with a dash of Kubernetes, Go and YAML.

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Luiz Bernardo

DB1 Global Software | Brazil

I'm lifelong learning, uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.

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Marky Jackson

Sn. Software Engineer at Equinix

Software developer. Lover of family and friends. Die hard San Francisco Giants fan

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Mauricio (Salaboy) Salatino

Principal Software Engineer (Dev Rel) at Camunda

Based in London, UK Principal Software Engineer @ Camunda Instructor @ Ex - Alfresco - Tech Leader, Designer and Implementer of Activiti Cloud Ex - Red Hat/JBoss - Drools & jBPM Core committer

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Max Knee

Senior Software Engineer at Comcast

I am software developer currently at Comcast building web applications. I enjoy using the latest CI/CD tools to build ever evolving software for the web.

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Michael Cade

Kasten By Veeam

A focus on data, protecting, moving and using it.

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Michel Schildmeijer

Qualogy | Netherlands

Michel has a broad but also deep experience in Information Technology, and is passionate about technology innovation, always exploring new grounds and areas.

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Moshiur Khondokar

Director of Global Engineering (QA, DevOps) at GroupM

Subject Matter Expert in Payment Industry, FinTech, E-Commerce and Ad Tech domain.

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Nagesh Goyal

Vice President of Global Delivery at Espire Infolabs

Digital Transformation, Service Delivery, ITSM & Project Management Expert | DevOps Leader | Agile Coach

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Najib Radzuan

Digi Telecommunications | Malaysia

Global DevOps Ambassador and is committed to help organizations struggling with DevOps transformation & adoption.

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Naresh Rayapati (Rao)

Software Architect at Cerner Corporation

Pragmatic & Passionate Programmer. Jenkins Contributor.

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Natale Vinto

Red Hat

Natale is a DevOps, Developer Advocate and books author that helps people within communities and customers have success with their Kubernetes and cloud native strategy.

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Nirmalya Sen

Sn. Director of Software Engineering at OpsMx

Lead teams that design, build and deliver highly scalable fault-tolerant enterprise software and software-as-a-service.

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Oscar Medina

Developer Advocate at Cloudbees

Oscar Medina has 22+ years in the technology sector. Oscar’s experience dates back to the Dotcom boom era, where he managed eCommerce sites based on UNIX, and written in Java. He is an advocate for DevOps practices with a focus on cloud-agnostic tools and modern frameworks.

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Owen Bowers Adam

SRE Lead @ IGS

I have a love for all things automation and opensource, with a particular niche around enabling developers to focus more on their own code instead of all the underlying complexity in building and deploying.

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Paul Dragoonis

Principal Architect & Quality Engineer at bexio AG

Roles I have experience in: * (Lead) Software Engineer (Backend, Frontend, Systems) * (Lead) Quality Assurance Engineer / Test Automation Engineer (SDET) * Technical Architect / Software Architect / Infrastructure Architect / Solutions Architect * DevOps Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer * Head of Engineering / Chief Technology Officer

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Radek Antoniuk

IT Delivery Freelancer | DevOps & Solution Architect | Open Source contributor

Agile Software delivery process engineer, automation and security enthusiast with passion for creating cloud-native innovative solutions, especially in IT healthcare using Open Source solutions. Team-builder, technologist (generalist), solution architect.

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Raghavendra Guttr

Dell EMC

Technical Director, DevOps Competency Lead, Strategist, Technical Advisor, and hands-on Individual Contributor with more than 20 years of experience.

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Rajat Gupta

Jenkins X

Open source and DevOps Enthusiast

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Rob Jahn

Dynatrace | USA

DevOps solutions advocate based out of Boston, supporting technical alliances partners with industry leading DevOps ISVs and Cloud providers through open source projects, technical workshops, videos, meetups, webinars and blogs.

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Romnick Acabado

Applications DevOps Leader & IT Manager at Lingaro | DevOps Institute Global Ambassador | DevOps Speaker & Blogger

Romnick Acabado is a passionate DevOps Leader/SME/IT Manager at Lingaro, which is a disruptive innovator focused on data-driven enterprise transformation and clients' success.

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Rosalind Benoit

Directory of Community at

CDF Outreach Committee Chair

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Saim Safdar

Rafay Systems | Pakistan

Developer Relations Manager at Rafay Systems. Co-Founder Cloud-Native Islamabad community and Traefik Ambassador.

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Sandhya Rani Dodda

Cisco | USA

Technical Leader with expertise in DevOps, Agile Transformation, Change & Release Management and have a strong passion for Continuous Delivery, Process Improvement, Strategy & Leadership.

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Santanoo Bhattacharjee

Accenture | India

A voracious blogger, enthusiastic evolution debater & at last a Seasoned Transformation Architect practising DevSecOps, CloudOps, SRE implementations.

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Savinder Puri

TBC Bank, Tbilisi | Georgia

DevOps Evangelist | Speaker | YouTuber | Author | Purpose: Spirituality & Success

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Shaaron A Alvares

Enterprise Agile and Devops Transformation Leader at T-Mobile

Passionate, influencer, servant-leader at heart, self-driven and goal oriented Software Delivery Manager, Release Manager and Agile DevOps Transformation Coach and with 10+ years’ experience in delivering complex technical programs and high performance products and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.

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Shaleen Swatantra

OpsMx | India

Marketing leader & dev advocate | almost 12 yrs in IT & software industry | DevOps enthusiast & community lead wanting to grow the CI/CD community | special interest in pipeline orchestration projects like Spinnaker & ArgoCD.

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Shlomo Bielak

Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark Corp

Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada, a DevOps Institute & Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador.

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Stan Alexandru | Romania

People learn by teaching others.

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Steven Terrana

Senior Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Steven helps federal agencies adopt modern software delivery best practices by implementing DevSecOps principles and embrace microservice-based application architectures on Kubernetes.

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Suresh Babu


Sr. Marketing Manager, Passionate about DevOps, CI/CD, Open Source technologies and all things digital.

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Sven Ruppert

JFrog | Germany

The only one on Youtube that explains IT topics in the woods.

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Szymon (Simon) Grzebieta

Innablr | Australia

Experienced Lead AWS/GCP Cloud Engineer dedicated to building highly available, robust, recoverable infrastructure and applications with a focus on automation, optimisation, CI/CD.

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Thomas Schuetz

WhizUs | Austria

Cloud-native Engineer, Advocate and Educator, eager to find ways to make software delivery and troubleshooting easier and more reliable.

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Tiffany Jachja

Technical Evangelist at

I would love to be a catalyst for better software delivery. An area we can improve on within the tech space is sharing stories and leveraging the experiences of others. I think becoming a CDF Ambassador would really give me the opportunities to help drive that mission further.

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Tom Tofigh

5G Network Architect at Facebook Connectivity

Tom is 4G/5G Telecom Network Architect & leader with diverse expertise in cloud based 4G/5G and application services. 

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Travis Howle

John Deere | USA

Passionate about automation at all levels with over 22 years of experience; works to streamline and automate machine learning at an enterprise level for everything data & analytics.

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Viktor Farcic

Principal DevOps Architect at Codefresh

Viktor Farcic is Principal DevOps Architect at Codefresh, a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains groups, and a published author.

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Xiaojie Zhao (Rick)

Senior Software Engineer at Alauda

Zhao Xiaojie(Rick) is a software engineer joining us from Alauda, where he is responsible for developing the CI/CD platform.

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Xuefeng Shi

Head of Engineering Productivity at

Long time Evangelist in Jenkins and more than 10 years experience with CI/CD/DevOps. Jenkins ambassador and Most Valuable Advocate of Jenkins Community. DAOps foundation core techincal team member.

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