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early-bird talks cdCon 2023

cdCon 2023 Sneak Peek: Five Early-bird Talks Accepted

By Blog, Community

Contributed by: Lori Lorusso, JFrog, cdCon Program Committee Chair

The cdCon Call for Papers is well underway and, based on the submissions the program committee just reviewed, this year’s cdCon is going to be jam-packed with amazing technical content and community-focused sessions from project maintainers, end users, and notables in the continuous delivery space. With over 40 submissions received in just a week we were hard-pressed to choose just five to announce early but without further ado… check out the first five early bird talks:

Panel: The Continuous Delivery Paradox – Balancing Business Value with Speed
Moderator: Gautham Pallapa, VMWare

Fidelity’s Software Delivery Platform – Frictionless Approach To Achieve Autonomic DevOps & Enhanced Security/Compliance Practices
Speakers: Jamie Plower & Evan Elms, Fidelity Investments

Operating Tekton with Secure Defaults
Speakers: Christie Wilson (Warwick) &  Wendy Dembowski, Google

CI/CD for Data – Building Dev/Test Data Environments with Open Source Stacks
Speaker: Vinodhini Duraisamy, Treeverse

Trusted Open Source Artifacts on the Blockchain: A Hands-On Introduction to Pyrsia
Speaker: Adam Gardner, Dynatrace

Congratulations to the speakers of these talks! 

*If you weren’t a part of the first five – have no fear, you are still in the running for acceptance into the cdCon 2023 program. We will send out notifications for the remaining program on March 3, 2023.* 

Submit Your Talk

The CFP deadline is Friday, February 10 at 11:59 PM PST and we need more submissions to review so we can curate the best content to help others on their path to continuous delivery. We’re looking for talks in the following tracks:

  • 101 (beginners to the CDF & continuous delivery content)
  • Interoperability in CD
  • Cloud Native CD
  • Progressive Delivery
  • Best Practices in Continuous Delivery
  • MLOps
  • Observability & Analytics
  • Performance
  • Security & Supply Chain Security
  • Developer Experience & Productivity
  • Platform Engineering
  • Policy & Governance
  • Automation & Testing
  • Leadership
  • Community & Culture

Don’t miss this great opportunity to share your knowledge with the CDF community. 

Have Questions? – Ask The Committee

Our Program Committee members are your resource if you have any questions during the submission process. Each member brings their own experience in continuous delivery to the table and we are here to help you if you need help with your abstracts. Please feel free to reach out to me on the CDF Slack Channel, Twitter, or LinkedIn and I can help connect you to one of our members that would be best suited to answer your questions. 

  • Adam Kaplan (Red Hat)
  • Alyssa Tong (CloudBees)
  • Andrew Fong (Prodvana)
  • Batuhan Apaydın (Trendyol)
  • Brad McCoy (Basiq)
  • Carlos Panato (Chainguard)
  • Dadisi Sanyika (Apple)
  • Garima Bajpai (Ericsson)
  • Lori Lorusso (JFrog) – Program Committee Chair
cdcon 2022 wrap up and recordings

cdCon 2022 – Wrap Up (and Recordings)

By Blog, Staff
cdCon Banner

Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) held its first-ever, in-person cdCon on June 7-8 in Austin, Texas co-located with OpenJS World. The event was full of excitement and great moments since the attendees had a chance to meet their fellow community members—with whom they have been collaborating for a long time—in person.

The event was full of great keynotes and sessions. In addition to the main event, projects that are part of CDF, CDEvents, Jenkins, Tekton, Jenkins X and Shipwright, held community summits, discussing the ongoing and upcoming work the projects are working with and how they can help organizations to embrace CD and DevOps.

In addition to the main event and project summits, the hallway track was busy as well and there were few topics most of the attendees talked about such as Interoperability in CI/CD, Software Supply Chain, and Best Practices in CD. This was a great acknowledgement of the work done by the various groups within the CDF and as well as the projects under its umbrella. As we all know, CI/CD practitioners from various industries as well as contributors and maintainers of most widely used CI/CD projects within the ecosystem are part of our community. This makes us believe that we as CDF Community have a great future ahead of us with lots of opportunities to improve the state of CD!

We also received great feedback about cdCon and already started addressing them within CDF so please keep an eye on CDF Website and social media for updates. We will start reaching out to our communities soon and invite them to work with us to make our upcoming events even better!

Relive cdCon 2022