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Vol. 4 Dec. 2020

Dear CDF Community,

CDF projects are being used and deployed by companies like Dailymotion, Fidelity Investments, Salesforce, SAP, Yahoo! Japan, to name a few. Find out the reality and challenges involved in how Continuous Delivery is resolved at enterprise scale. Learn how they do it in the use cases below.

The newsletter now includes monthly project updates from Jenkins, Jenkins X, Screwdriver, Spinnaker, and Tekton.

This month we also have a new project proposal: Ortelius!

Happy reading,

Roxanne Joncas
Newsletter Editor

Top cdCon Talk Recaps

yahoo japan
end user panel
sap spinnaker
fidelity investments

End-User Council

Our End-User Council provides the opportunity to have context-rich discussions on how various end-user organizations pursue their modernization efforts in the most effective way. Topics covered include:
Improving developer productivity with automation
Enhancing security in delivery pipelines
Technology modernization in highly regulated industries
Measuring success of efforts

Join the council
The discussions are chaired by John Mark Walker of Capital One and the Council is open to leadership teams from CDF end-user members and guest organizations. Guests may request an invitation by email for the next meeting.

Project Updates

Congratulations to the new Jenkins board members, Gavin Mogan and Marky Jackson, and to the new elected Release Officer, Tim Jacombs! View the election results.
Jenkins 2.264 release: further UI improvements and more 
Jenkins X
Jenkins X 3 Beta will be released soon! Details here.
Screwdriver local tool added interactive mode capability so that users can debug build steps locally.
Build Metrics added a downtime view graph to give data on how long a build pipeline has been down.
Spinnaker Summit and the Gardening Days were a great success!
Try the Tekton Hub and the Community Catalog
Tekton v0.18.0 “Singapura Yo-Yo” Released with lots of improvements, including:¬†improved Multi-Arch Support and¬†Tekton OCI Bundles landed

Project Proposal

ortelius logo

The Ortelius project is being proposed as a new CDF project. 

Ortelius¬†is a microservice management platform that visualizes ‚Äėlogical‚Äô application versions in a microservice architecture. From packaging to deployment, Ortelius maps your microservice configurations with their relationships to the application that use them.

Read the project proposal


Upcoming Virtual Events

The Pipeline: All things CD & DevOps Podcast

News: Our podcast has over 5,000 downloads. Thank you to our host Jacqueline Salinas and to you for listening!

Listen to our latest podcast episodes: 

Ambassador and Member Webinars

Watch the latest webinar episodes on our YouTube Channel:

Diversity at the CDF

We published the¬†Transparency Report¬†for cdCon. There‚Äôs a lot of great stuff in the report but there’s one standout stat worth shouting about:

14% of attendees were women or non-binary

Now at first glance, 14% does not seem like something worth celebrating‚ÄĒbut it is. With cdCon we also made a deliberate effort and were thrilled to have 38% of speakers and 58% of keynote speakers be women or non-binary.¬†

Read the ED Weekly by Tracy Miranda for more information and the full Transparency Report.