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How Yahoo! JAPAN Uses and Contributes to Screwdriver at Scale 

By December 4, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Get an in-depth technical look at how Yahoo! Japan builds and deploys their software using Screwdriver and how they’ve been giving back to the community with hundreds of pull requests for the Screwdriver open-source project.

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 What is Screwdriver?
2:44 About Yahoo! Japan
3:17 How are they using Screwdriver
4:29 Deploy Screwdriver with itself
5:15 Internally distributing mobile app
5:54 Teams and responsibilities
6:50 Architecture (Jenkins, Screwdriver, Kubernetes, …)
7:46 Build cluster specs
8:28 Logging, monitoring, alerting
9:15 Monitoring dashboard
10:07 Experimental SLO “queued time”
11:10 CRE Teams User Support
12:01 Internal documentation
12:34 Customization of Screwdriver for users
13:24 Collaborating with Verizon Media
14:26 Contributing to Screwdriver
15:55 Conclusion

Speakers: Hiroki Takatsuka & Jithin Emmanuel, Yahoo! Japan Corporation