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State of Continuous Delivery Report: The Evolution of Software Delivery Performance

In this report, commissioned by the CDF and authored by SlashData, we explore the current state of the CD developer ecosystem and how this has evolved over the past year and a half. We look at:

  • how many developers are involved in the broader DevOps space;
  • how many work with continuous delivery technologies in particular;
  • how developers’ software delivery performance has changed over time;
  • which developer segments have experienced the greatest shifts;
  • and which factors contribute the most to superior software delivery performance.


Some of the key insights from the report are:

  • 47% of developers use either continuous integration or deployment but only one in five use both continuous integration and deployment approaches to automate all building, testing, and deployment of code to production.
  • Medium-sized businesses and large enterprises are experiencing the most significant growth in DevOps adoption.
  • There remains a strong correlation between speed and stability metrics, rather than one compromising the other.
  • Adoption of modern backend technologies generally correlates with improved performance for lead time for code changes and time to restore service but fails to significantly improve deployment frequency.

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The adoption of DevOps practices is critical for organizations to improve delivery performance regardless of their sector and developer involvement and the use of DevOps technologies are key enablers. However, increased scale and complexity are still an issue for organizations to gain even larger benefits from CD and DevOps. The underlying factors need to be closely analyzed and addressed by the organizations and the State of CD Report can provide valuable insights.

– Fatih Degirmenci

CD Foundation

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We publish The State of Continuous Delivery Report Series to dive deeper into the data and track the world’s capacity to deliver software with speed and security.

Our report from June 2022 made the headlines!

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The findings in this report are based on data from SlashData’s large-scale, online developer survey designed, produced, and carried out over a period of ten weeks between December 2021 and February 2022.

CDF SlashData Dashboard

If you’d like to explore the data on your own, you can access the CDF’s SlashData dashboard by creating an account using this link. Once you’re logged in, you can view the Dashboard and filter the data by programming language and industry.

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