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SiliconANGLE: The continuous delivery ecosystem: Interoperability and security take center stageSiliconANGLE:

By May 11, 2023In The News

For enhanced software delivery performance, continuous integration and continuous delivery have proven to be pivotal.

Even though security and traceability are closely related, the CD ecosystem lacks interoperability because of the absence of a common language, according to Fatih Degirmenci (pictured, left), executive director of the CD Foundation at The Linux Foundation.

“Interoperability helps you track your steps from the deployment back to commit,” Degirmenci said. “I personally think interoperability and security go hand in hand. If you don’t have interoperability, you can’t trace back to the origin of the problem. What interoperability brings into picture is to remove this complexity and actually make sure all these different types of technologies can speak on the same language.”

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