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Continuous Spotlight | Meet Alan Dong

By June 26, 2024Blog, Community

✨ Series: Getting to know the wonderful Continuous Delivery Community

Alan Dong

Alan Dong

Pronouns: he/him
Location: San Jose, California

Who are you?

I’m Alan Dong, a Georgia Tech graduate. I’ve worked at Yahoo for over 8 years, and over a decade in tech. I enjoy documenting and taking meeting notes. What I’ve come to deeply value, especially early in my career, is the realization that documentation holds equal, if not greater, significance compared to writing code. This understanding has become a source of pride for me. It underscores the importance of clarity, organization, and communication in software development. Documenting my code ensures that not only can others understand and build upon my work effectively, but it also serves as a roadmap for my own future reference. It’s this commitment to comprehensive documentation that sets a solid foundation for successful projects and earns the trust and respect of colleagues and collaborators.

What are your hobbies?

Tech: read blogs and listen to podcasts to keep myself up to date with the latest technology.

Non Tech: spend time with my family.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Software Engineer

What led you to a career in tech?

Embracing a tech-centric career feels like the most natural progression for me, given my background in Computer Science.

Do you remember your first open source contribution?

Maybe 10 years ago in school, I started small by fixing others’ typos in README 🙂

How did you get involved in the Continuous Delivery Foundation?

Open source is always in Yahoo’s DNA. We developed Yahoo’s internal CI/CD tool: Screwdriver, and we later open sourced to give back to the CI/CD community. 

What is your favorite thing/project/tech to work on?


Tell us about the thing you’re most proud of and why?

Commitment is a journey of dedication and perseverance, and I take pride in my steadfast involvement in the open source community for over seven years. Additionally, for more than two years, I’ve been spearheading Screwdriver meetups every two weeks. These gatherings serve as a focal point for our community, ensuring that all participants share a common vision and purpose. By nurturing this regular engagement, we foster collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of accountability. It’s through these consistent efforts that we strengthen our bonds, amplify our impact, and collectively advance toward our goals. 

What is the best connection you’ve made through open source?

Engage and collaborate with brilliant, compassionate individuals beyond the confines of the workplace, including the CDF Technical Oversight Committee. United by a shared mission to enhance CI/CD tools for the benefit of all.

What is your #1 top tip for getting involved in the community?

Listen to podcasts and read blogs to see what the community you are trying to get involved in is up to. Stay curious and up to date.

What’s your favorite open source conference?

Ember Conf

Where can we find you?

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