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Introducing Tekton Hub

By August 10, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Project

Tekton Pipelines, a flexible Kubernetes-native CI/CD framework for building application delivery pipelines, reached the beta milestone a few months ago. As Tekton Pipelines grows in adoption, the feedback we have been receiving is that teams have difficulties finding and sharing reusable Tekton Tasks due to the decentralized nature of Tekton catalogs (e.g. community catalog).

Red Hat together with the Tekton community has been working on simplifying sharing and reusing Tekton Tasks and Pipelines and with that in mind, we are proud to announce the preview launch of Tekton Hub to facilitate search and discovery of Tekton Tasks, Pipelines and all things Tekton.

Tekton Hub Preview is Live!

Tekton Hub provides a central hub for searching and sharing Tekton resources across many distributed Tekton catalogs hosted by various organizations and teams. Hub currently displays a curated set of community contributed tasks from the Community Catalog. It allows resources to be searched by name or its “display name”, filtered by categories (cloud, cli, github etc…), and rated by users. 

The initial list of Task and Pipelines in Tekton Hub are indexed from the Tekton Community Catalog since the catalog will remain an integral part of the Tekton community and also serves as an example for creating Catalogs which could then be registered with Tekton Hub. 

Tekton community catalog, as its name suggests, is maintained by the community and contains a growing list of common and reusable tasks for building images, cloud provider CLIs, and more. We are working to add more catalogs to Tekton Hub in future and introduce tiers such as “verified” and “official” that signify the level of support and verification applied to these catalogs.

Adding Your Catalog

During the preview phase, Tekton Hub retrieves tasks and pipelines for the Tekton community catalog. The goal, however, is to add additional catalogs maintained by the Tekton community, vendors and other individual contributors and act as a central discovery mechanism across a decentralized set of Tekton catalogs. 

What’s Next?

While we are thrilled to have reached the milestone to share Tekton Hub with the world, this is just the beginning. In addition to the Tekton Hub website, it provides an API service for external tools to integrate with the Hub to search, retrieve, and install Tasks directly within these tools. Tekton CLI will be the first tool that integrates with the Hub to enable users to discover and install Tasks. Next in line are the Tekton Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code and Tekton Pipelines IntelliJ Plugin which would allow users to interact with Tekton Hub within Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDE. Furthermore, we will be working on improving the process for adding new Tekton catalogs to Tekton Hub and a more streamlined process and tools for validation of catalogs, tasks and pipelines.