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Welcome to the 2019 Continuous Delivery Foundation annual report. Comments and feedback are welcome at 



The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) serves as the vendor-neutral home of many of the fastest-growing projects for continuous delivery, including Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, and Tekton. CDF supports DevOps practitioners with an open model, training, industry guidelines, and a portability focus.

The CDF fosters collaboration between the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors to ensure that the CD approach to software engineering reaches its full potential to advance software delivery.   


The founding projects hosted by the CDF are JenkinsJenkins XSpinnaker, and Tekton and there are many more projects interested in incubating with the CDF. Future project decisions will be made by the CDF Technical Overview Committee (TOC). If you would like more information these projects or about hosting your project at the CDF, please email

NEW INCUBATING PROJECT is the latest addition to the CD Foundation incubating projects. We are so excited to to have them onboard. The CD Foundation also encourages the community to submit their proposals to the TOC. Welcome to the CD Foundation 

What is Screwdriver?

A collection of services that facilitate the workflow for continuous delivery pipelines. For more information about this project visit their page.

To learn more about  how to submit a project make sure you meet the criteria! Here’s an overview of the list. The TOC welcomes projects to submit at any time. If you have further questions and would like to schedule some time here are some ways to join the conversation. 


Members        Groups       Countries
22,765            59                26

CDF is currently working on expanding the CI/CD community around the globe, and we are happy to accept the new meetup communities to join our network, and become an official CDF group. If you are interested in joining the list of official CDF groups, please reach out to us.

Benefits of joining the CDF Meetup Program

  • Boosting the visibility of your meetup group
  • Meetup Pro cost coverage
  • One-time complimentary swag certificate to the CDF Store


It is incredible to look back at 2019 for the CD Foundation. The CDF launched with 23 members and we wrapped the year with 35 members in total. We saw a 52% growth in only 10 months! That is a huge win for the CD Foundation! We are looking forward to growing our community in 2020 and welcome new members!

Organizations join CDF because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of continuous delivery models and best practices on top of sustaining the open source projects within the CDF. 

If you are interested in joining or have questions about membership, please contact us. 

Win of the year! The CDF concluded 2019 with 10 Premiere Members, 24 General or End User Members, and 1 Associate Member.

Premier Members


General & End User Members



We offer multiple opportunities for end users to contribute and have their voices heard. Companies that use continuous delivery technologies internally, but do not sell any continuous delivery services externally, are eligible to join the end user community. Our end user community is growing and we finished 2019 with 25 top companies and startups that are committed to accelerating the adoption of continuous delivery technologies and improving the deployment experience. 

The CDF End User Community group will begin to meet monthly and advise the CDF Governing Board and TOC members on key challenges, emerging use cases, and areas of opportunity and new growth for cloud native technologies. To participate in the monthly meetings, please email us for more information at


CD Summit EU – Barcelona 2019

CD Summit China – Shanghai 2019

CD Summit NA – San Diego 2019


As the CD Foundation reflects on 2019 we recognized the importance that the 1st year proved to drive awareness of the foundation’s inception, building community, and growing membership.  The CD Foundation launched a series of co-located events as an effort to start building a community of Continuous Delivery experts and users. The CD Foundation found great success in the CD Summits, which were launched in EMEA, APAC, and North America. A special shout out of thanks to our ‘big brother’ the CNCF for providing us with a space for our first years’ summits.



The very first Continuous Delivery Summit was held as a colocated event just   before KubeCon Barcelona. This was an event to showcase the projects of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, a brand-new foundation which aims to foster innovation, promote interoperability and reduce fragmentation within the CI/CD space. The event sold out (twice) and was the biggest of the 22 co-located events held that day.

The Continuous Delivery Summit’s first presence in Asia was also a colocated event with KubeCon China. This too was a sold out event. We discovered that continuous delivery is a global interest because delivering new software securely and quickly is a key business differentiator for every business. With the formation of CDF we hope to address the ever changing tech challenges enterprises faces in their endeavor to release faster, better, and safer.   

The biggest win of our event presence in 2019 was at the CD Summit North America held in San Diego Nov. 18-21. It was a sold-out event! The CD Foundation kicked off the CD Summit on Monday morning as a day zero event co-located at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon with a press announcement that covered our current progress around building community and adding new members.

We had some truly amazing presentations by end users, member companies, CDF Board members and experts. The CD Foundation wrapped up the summit that evening with a Mindshare Cocktail Hour hosted by few of our members.  Overall, it was a powerful CD Summit and a great way to end 2019.

Stay up to date on our upcoming events by visiting us on our page.





As DevOps processes mature, there is a growing need for professionals with expertise in key practices and tools. DevOps has not only opened up new opportunities for Operations personnel but also provides them with a logical career progression. There is also an emergence of Site Reliability Engineering as a specific job description. The Linux Foundation launched the “Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps” on December 17, 2019. The course is designed as a first step in the journey of transforming operations personnel into an all-round DevOps expert. 

Created by Gourav Shah from the School of DevOps, LFS162x is addressed to a wide audience: from managers looking for guidelines on how to start transforming organizations and understand where to start, to professionals looking to make a career in the world of Site Reliability/DevOps Engineering.


“Deep understanding of DevOps is a critical skill set that stands out in the workplace and translates into promotions and new job opportunities. Investing time in improving your skills is critical to modern technology jobs and the ease and accessibility of the Linux Foundation online courses brings self-training within reach,” said Dan Lopez, CDF program manager. ” The CD Foundation is seeing an explosion of interest in DevOps and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and this ‘Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps’ is a great way to quickly take advantage of the explosive growth of opportunities in the field.”


Training coming in 2020:


Jenkins Project Highlights 

  • Jenkins had its 15th birthday 
  • We had first ever Governance Board and Officer elections
  • Jenkins project joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)
  • We released Java 11 support in Jenkins
  • Jenkins X has graduated as a Jenkins subproject and became a new project under umbrella of CDF
  • In October 2019 we reached the record high number of contributions: 915 unique contributors, 124 of them were first-timers
  • We started new special interest groups for Documentation and User Experience
  • A new position of the Documentation officer was also introduced to highlight an important role of documentation in the project
  • We ran multiple mentorship programs with 12 mentees in total: Google Summer of Code, Chinese translation, Hacktoberfest and Outreachy

Jenkins X Project Highlights 

  • Jenkins X celebrates 1st birthday on January 14, 2019 
  • Jenkins X Pipelines initial integration with Tekton occurred in February 2019
  • Jenkins X announces in March 2019 that it will join The Continuous Delivery Foundation
  • Project Lighthouse launched
  • Jenkins X Boot!
  • Jenkins launches a new logo!
  • Second half 2019 had a big focus on stability and reliability
  • Jenkins X Steering Committee hosts inaugural meeting
  • First Jenkins X Outreachy mentee

Tekton Project Highlights 

  • The first Tekton Pipelines release (v0.2.0) using Tekton itself! 
  • First release of the Tekton CLI!
  • The first Tekton Pipelines release (v0.5.0) by a community member not at Google!
  • Tekton Friends repo created! 
  • First release of the Tekton Dashboard!
  • First Triggers release!
  • Tekton passed 100 contributors in October!

Spinnaker Project Highlights 

  • New data sources added for SignalFX and New Relic, to inform Automated Canary Analysis decisions that let app owners sleep instead of being paged. 
  • A new Gremlin integration allowing chaos experimentation in Spinnaker pipelines will expand in 2020 to provide results useful for automated decision support. 
  • Integrations with artifact repositories Nexus and JFrog’s Artifactory have added new native triggers for Spinnaker pipelines. 
  • New end-to-end secrets management dynamically decrypts Spinnaker secrets as needed for validation and deployment from a backing store of your choosing, such as Vault or S3.


The CD Foundation (CDF) and premier member Cloudbees announced in November the transition of Jenkins Area Meetups (JAMs) to CI/CD Meetups. This is an important change. Under the CDF umbrella, the CI/CD community will be able to cover a broader range of topics and technologies that will include Spinnaker, Tekton, or general CI/CD. Our goal for this transition is to grow and foster collaboration within the CI/CD community.

How Do I Get Involved?

Want to join an existing meetup? There are over 59 groups in 26 countries with a total of over 22,708 members, find one near you:

Want to start a meetup? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear your idea:


The CD Foundation is kicking off the Community Ambassador Program! If you’re a Meetup organizer and want to step up your leadership game, join us as an ambassador.  Visit our page for more information about becoming an ambassador. 


To improve access to activities and services that CDF offers to its hosted projects, the CDF Service Desk serves as a single access point for all CDF project services. If you’re a CDF project maintainer, all you have to do is visit  to request support.

The CD Foundation is here to support your needs! Unfortunately, we might miss the occasional email or Slack message and we want to avoid that. We have launched the Project Service Desk to help you document an issue and collaborate with us to address it. If you encounter any problems that need attention please file a ticket here! 


CDF is committed to building diverse communities which feel inclusive. In our first year we were proud to run programs to help build our communities

  • Diversity scholarships for our Events
  • CDF & Outreachy
    • Jenkins X and Tekton projects participated in the Outreachy – an internship program that supports diversity in free and open source software
  • CDF & Community Bridge
    • Jenkins project launched a successful internship project using the Community Bridge platform.



The CD Interactive Landscape has been made public by the CD Foundation. You can find it at

What is an interactive landscape? The concept started when the CNCF began the process of cataloging different types of tools for building out a cloud native architecture. This led to the creation of the CNCF Interactive Landscape.  Turns out this tool became very helpful to all of us sorting out this new and exciting modern architecture. In the interest of providing a similar reference, the CD Foundation defined their own version of the interactive landscape to help clarify the tools needed to adopt a fully automated CD process.

The guidelines and directions for updating the landscape can be found at: For a deeper dive on the landscape, view Tracy Ragan’s presentation from CD Summit/KubeCon2019.


The DevStats tool, which is open source, downloads data representing every public GitHub action of the last five years, throws out nearly all of CDF project data into it, processes the data and stores it in a Postgres database. DevStats organizes and displays CDF-hosted project data using Grafana dashboards. DevStats downloads updated data every hour. You can check out the tool here:


To help guide the CDF for 2020, we launched 9 strategic goals that will map to specific initiatives in our program plan for 2019/2020. The Continuous Delivery Foundation is committed to delivering programs to support the community. If you’re interested in getting involved here are a few ways: