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Forbes: Best Of Suite Or Best Of Breed? The Battle Of Convenience Vs. Effectiveness

By In The News

On the surface, the best-of-suite solution seems to make more sense; it means fewer tools to manage and, hopefully, savings due to working with a single vendor.

However, this practice shows otherwise—over and over again.

Let’s look at a real-world example. Have you driven a family mini-van? To me, it is a good symbolization of the best-in-suite product. It tries to be everything: It has a decent engine, and you can even add a towing hitch. However, it’s not a car that will help you win a race or haul your boat easily. Convenience makes families choose a mini-van, but they quickly realize it comes with significant shortcomings.

[…] The results published by the CD Foundation (part of the Linux Foundation) in its State of Continuous Delivery Report published in May confirms my thesis.

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